Glassy Zone helps surfers catch the waves

Get condition updates, performance data, and UV alerts on your wrist
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If catching a wave is more you bag than running a 5k, then you might be interested in the new Glassy Zone.

The surfer-friendly tech company that developed the Glassy One Pro is seeking crowdfunding for a new wearable device that is nearly identical to the smartwatch, except that it is missing the watch feature. It's a waterproof band that tracks your performance, alerts you to real-time wave conditions, and lets you know when you've been in the sun for too long.

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The rechargeable band tracks location, the number of waves you caught, and the speed of each wave to give surfers useful information on the best possible wave they can catch for optimum performance.

It also sends notifications about real-time surf conditions and lets you know about photos and videos, as well as other community information via connected iOS or Android smartphones. Users can create customised wave alerts based on size, temperature, and angle preference.

Glassy Zone helps surfers catch the waves

The fitness tracker monitors the wearer's vitals to provide information on daily activities in or out of the water. The band also keeps an eye on the current UV index and how long you've been exposed to harmful rays. It will send you an alert when you've been baking in the sun too long. At night, the band tracks sleep patterns.

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The Glassy Zone, which comes in black, blue, or green, can be preordered during the company's Indiegogo campaign for $99, which is 50% off of the suggested retail price. Delivery is estimated for between September and November of 2016.

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