Hideables: Best wearables for discreet fitness tracking

We pick the wearables that won't put your monitoring on show
How to keep fitness tracking discreet

We know that not everyone wants to flaunt the fact they've started to delve into fitness tracking. There are those that are more than happy to let people spy that mammoth step count for the day from the flashing display on their wrist-worn wearable. Others would rather disguise the fact that they're trying to shift a few pounds before they need to get that bod ready for the beach.

Thankfully, it's getting a lot easier to keep monitoring on the down low as wearable makers get smarter about how to package those motion sensors into bodies that don't scream 'I'm a fitness tracker!'

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If you're ready to embrace the world of fitness tracking, but don't want to let people know about it, here's some of the ways you can pull it off.

Clip it to your clothes

Hideables: Best wearables for discreet fitness tracking

If you don't want to wear it on the wrist, you can always move the tracking to somewhere where it's plain out of sight. There's a bunch of fitness trackers that offer the wearing alternative of clipping the wearable to the waistband of your trousers or jeans or even attach it to a bra or t-shirt that you're not planning to have on show during the day.

The Fitbit One offers both of these wearing options as does the Misfit Shine 2 and the Withings Go. There are some benefits from moving it from the wrist away as well, especially for step tracking. Relocating to the waistband for instance should improve accuracy as it's measuring activity closer to the part of the body that you're wanting to track. It's a big part of the reason why dedicated pedometers are worn on this part of the body.

Just make sure you've got it tightly secured and you forget to take it off when you throw those clothes into the wash.

Hide it in jewellery

Hideables: Best wearables for discreet fitness tracking

One option for female fitness trackers (sorry chaps) is to ditch the Fitbit for a piece of smart jewellery that actually looks like jewellery but can offer similar fitness tracking powers to an Alta HR or Charge 2.

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The good news is that it's not just bracelets like Ringly's or Kate Spade's connected collection either. There's also the likes of the Bellabeat Leaf Urban that masquerades as a clip or a necklace. It's a similar story for the Misfit Ray, which lets you wear the stylish tracker as a pendant as well as around the wrist and in other parts of the body.

You can also move tracking to the finger with smart rings like the Motiv, which not only tracks basics like steps and distance, but also finds room for an optical heart rate sensor and has the ability to track activity type and intensity.

Wear it down low

how to disguise your fitness tracking

If you're not busting out the shorts everyday, then you can always consider taking your fitness tracker to a place where it's best placed to deliver accurate step counting and that's down by the feet. There's not many options out there that offers basic fitness tracking, but the Moov Now, one of our sporty wearable faves can make this a reality right now.

Smart shoes or trainers are logical place for fitness tracking that remains unseen. Right now the options are limited. While there's connected footwear from the likes of Under Armour or startups like Boltt and Iofit, they are all focused on tracking during workout time. Fujitsu's cloud-connected smart shoes promise to be the answer for fitness tracking lovers, but sadly these smart kicks are still only a concept.

For now, the Moov Now is your best option, but it's one we rate pretty highly, so it's not a bad option until there's more wearables to choose from.

Inside your clothes

how to disguise your fitness tracking

If you really want to keep that tracking invisible, then smart clothing is the best fit. Much like smart shoes, there's not a whole host of options out there just yet that are dedicated solely to 24/7 activity tracking because are most built for tracking workouts in real-time.

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Hexoskin's Smart shirt does promise to track steps as well as sleep, measuring resting heart rate, breathing and sleep position. The washable smart garment still requires a clip on sensor to provide the smarts and its compressed design means it's not going to be the most flattering fit for the average person.

More fitness tracking smart garments are on the way though. The AIO Smart compression sleeve offers step, distance and sleep tracking for instance. Vitali, a smart bra that's main aim is to fight stress using heart rate variability is currently trying to raise funds through crowdfunding to build the piece of connected clothing. It's offering a stretch goal that will add activity tracking into the mix.

Don't be surprised if we see more smart apparel geared towards daily activity tracking in the not too distant future.

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