​Basis releases new titanium Peak and adds Apple and Google integration

Apple Health and Google Fit integration makes the Peak a better fitness tracker
​Basis releases new all-metal Peak
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Basis has unveiled a brand new titanium version of its Peak sports watch-cum-fitness tracker, and added support for Apple Health and Google Fit.

Owners of the Basis Peak will now be able to have details on heart rate, calories, steps and sleep data sent to Google and Apple's own apps. As one of the most data rich fitness trackers on the market, it has the power to make those services incredibly detailed.

It's the first major update from the Intel-owned company since the Basis Peak launched in September last year, and as well as the headline changes, there are a couple of exciting new features.

Basis has added a stopwatch feature (yeah, okay not that exciting) and a new service called Playground. The latter is a Garmin Connect IQ style service, that enables yours to trial new experimental features. There's just two for launch – a geolocation feature that tags your workouts and some sort of selfie tool.

There's no word on whether Basis has fixed any of our bugbears from the review period, including the awful recording and recall of workout sessions. Well, we won't have long to find out – the Basis Peak update is due on 20 May.

Other than the new features, Basis is to release the Peak Titanium Edition which features all the same features ina swish new design. It looks much more polished, and comes with a leather strap and Onyx strap for use when working out.

Basis Peak Titanium edition will be available in the US only for $299.99 at mybasis.com. Separate straps will set you back $49.99 each.