Asus VivoWatch 5 Aero arrives with curious heart rate sensor built into the face

The fitness tracker releases in China, with global launch likely in 2023
Asus asus vivowatch 5 aero
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Asus has announced the arrival of the VivoWatch 5 Aero in China - a fitness tracker that features a unique fingertip heart rate sensor packed underneath the face's display.

Unlike typical sensors, which are located on the underside of a case and in contact with the user's skin, the VivoWatch 5 Aero instead takes ECG and PPG readings from a fingertip.

The sensor, then, packs in a medical-grade triode electrical element for the ECG readings, while also including PPG tech alongside, allowing the user to take an on-the-spot pulse wave index test of their health. 

It appears to work similarly to features like Garmin's Health Snapshot, in which all of the device's key health tracking metrics are taken within a short period and then delivered in a more condensed, digestible form.

From what we can work out, the tracker will also individually monitor blood oxygen, sleep quality, stress levels and heart rate, as well as offer all the typical exercise tracking features, assisted by another heart rate monitor on the rear.

It's not clear if GPS is built-in, but specific fitness profiles for the likes of running, swimming, walking and yoga all appear in the company's materials.

The VivoWatch 5 Aero features a 5ATM water rating, too, while the company claims it can reach seven days of battery on a single charge. 

At least for now, as we say, it's only available in China for 840 CNY - translating to roughly $120 / £100. And while it's possible we see a global launch in 2023, nothing is confirmed just yet. 

Stay tuned for more details on this as we get them.

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