AmpStrip cancelled: Fitness plans end as Indiegogo refunds begin

The crowdfunding success story won't be finished or shipped to backers

AmpStrip backers, we've got some bad news for you. FitLinxx, the company behind the heart rate tracking device, has decided to cancel plans for a consumer-facing fitness product.

"After much discussion and debate, the company has decided to end development of AmpStrip as a fitness product," Wareable was told by a FitLinxx spokesperson.

"Going forward, the company is focusing on the device's potential uses as a medical device. As you can imagine, there are so many potential medical benefits ‚Äď the ability for patients and doctors to monitor irregular heart rate, respiratory function and activity levels to name just a few. FitLinxx believes that in that capacity, this device can make a huge difference in people's lives."

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AmpStrip launched on Indiegogo back in January and ending up hitting a whopping 734% of its target - raising more than $500,000 along the way. However, the 3,976 backers won't be getting their rewards - instead, they'll be getting a refund.

The size of a plaster, AmpStrip was intended to stick to your chest to track heart rate, activity, exercise load, sleep, skin temperature and posture.

It nabbed itself a CES Innovation Award in January, just as the crowdfunding campaign was going live.

Back in April, Dave Monahan, CEO of Fitlinxx told Wareable: "After I joined Fitlinxx my thought was that everything was heading towards wearable or fitness devices.

"My feeling was that across all technologies, things always go personal. So we looked at what was around, and all fitness and healthcare devices were large, and people wanted to take them home and use them.

"I'm surprised it's taken so long. We were way ahead of market adoption."

However we've now been informed that the company does not have the resources to support its previous athletic performance objectives.

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  • Abartendergs·

    I am/was a backer of the Ampstrip, and feel completely used by the Company that is/was producing the Ampstrip. When Fitlinxx took over the product they pretty much shut down communication between contributors and developer, and after two months of Non-communication we find out that our product is no longer being produced.  Prior to this communication blackout we were with the understanding that they were just fixing third-party application usage. Now, I have to fill out a form to receive a refund through PayPal,even though I did not use PayPal to contribute nor do I have or want a Paypal account, to receive a refund in 6 to 8 weeks. This was my first time participating and crowdsourcing and this will be my last after this experience. 

  • JonS·

    this is a sorry excuse

    They have shipped beta units but yet won't ship finalized products

    I work in the medical industry and was going to show the amp strip to researchers for medical purposes who were intetested in the idea of it, but because I now can no longer trust the integrity of the company that is no longer the case

  • Jsea·

    Big call to refund 500k and piss off 4000 customers to leave 20 years of in the athletic space to chase the medical space. I think they were offered a deal in the medical space and had to make the ampstrip brand and its backers go away. Its what they have always done built products for someone else. Comments like don't have the funds to build both, not doing another indiegogo campaign and no time frame for release make me suspect they found a bigger carrot. 

  • Callen15·

    I feel completely ripped off. I want profit sharing of the medical device seeing as I helped fund it's development!  

  • freddyalcazar·

    I felt ripped off! This guys come, take a no interest loan from us, develop the damn thing and then decide not to fulfill their word and give us our money back 6 to 8 weeks later!!!!!!!

    I mean, the least they could have done was to guarantee that the 4000 backers got a beta version they could use. 

    Some one needs to organize a law suit against this people! Its not fair that so many people put their money, support and interest, and then get nothing back!!!!!

    One of the major scams I have seen in a while to be honest. Just pissed and dissapointed.

  • Raynne413·

    People need to realize that when you kickstart or crowd fund something, there is no guarantee that you will actually get a finished product, especially if you read Indigogo's terms of service.  We should be glad that they are actually doing the decent thing and refunding our money, because they don't have to.