Adidas Zone wants to get kids healthier in PE class

Heart rate monitoring band to make sure every student gets a good workout
Adidas Zone wants to get kids fitter
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Adidas has unveiled the Zone, a wearable fitness tracker that's aiming to whip school kids into shape.

While the sports giant has been relatively quiet on the wearable front since it launched the Smart Run and Fit Smart, it's turning its attention to the classroom, specifically PE class to help teachers keep a closer eye on the health of all of their students.

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The wearable is being built in partnership with Interactive Health technologies (IHT), a connected assessment platform for physical education. Housed inside the Zone's durable, sporty body is an optical based heart rate monitor built into a wrist band to generate readings when the kids are up and about.

Based around heart rate training, information from the PE lesson is stored in a cloud based curriculum and assessment platform where that data can then be shared with teachers.

The general idea is that there is not one perfect solution for everyone, so the Zone will allow teachers to create more customised routines so everyone can feel the benefit of a session. Adidas apparently worked closely with school administrators, students, parents and educators to develop the perfect piece of hardware and to help generate the most insightful data.

Aside from its heart rate monitoring, we do know that it also has NFC on board for quick tap-and-go syncing and it apparently has enough memory and power to keep up with a busy school schedule.

The Adidas Zone is going to be available through the IHT website and will be part of its Spirit program where students are encouraged to stay active to earn prizes. That does mean this is one for schools in the US for now. But who's to say it won't find its way into schools across the globe if the Zone proves it can help fight child obesity in a big way.

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