Google and Fitbit working on a smartwatch for kids, codenamed 'Project Eleven'

Though we may have to wait a while for its release
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Google and Fitbit are reportedly working on a smartwatch for kids that will feature cellular support and GPS connectivity.

That's according to the folks at Business Insider, at least, who indicate work has already begun on something internally known as 'Project Eleven'. 

The report notes that the wearable will be "designed to help older kids form healthy relationships with their phones and social media," and is likely to include safety features for parents supported by location tracking and cellular functions. 

Interestingly, it appears the device is currently being prototyped without a screen, with an idea also floating internally that a subscription service could be set up to send users new bands each month. 

Supposedly, the device's other key objective would be to encourage exercise and activity, which would follow other Fitbit kids trackers we've seen, like the Fitbit Ace 3.

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That tracker was released in March 2021, featuring a touchscreen, sleep tracking a waterproof design, so a refresher at some point in the near future would appear credible. 

However, given the more advanced role Google is now playing in Fitbit's future, the report indicates there may actually still be a long way to go before release. Project Eleven - a Stranger Things reference, apparently - is currently penciled in for a 2024 launch. 

Another nugget of information is that the team behind the potential smartwatch for kids is run by a former executive of Google Photos, Anil Sabharwal, who is now the VP of special projects and oversees the Fitbit team in Australia. 

Google's influence also appeared to force change on a previous idea for a kid-focused Fitbit smartwatch, too - one that was also designed to fit the wrists of older adults and featured a built-in camera.

However, it has since been killed after facing "numerous technical challenges and logistical issues," according to Business Insider. With that device now in the rearview mirror, the sum of Project Eleven appears to be the next device to wait for, but time will tell.

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