Adidas All Day fitness app for women now available to download

Meet the app that's set to join the Adidas Chameleon fitness tracker
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Adidas All Day, the fitness app that's designed for women, is available to download on iOS and Android devices. If you live in the US.

It will be coming to other territories in the autumn but for now, it's going to be up for grabs stateside first. If you need a reminder, All Day has been built with several partners including the American College of Sports Medicine and Verily, Alphabet's healthcare and life sciences subsidiary.

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Adidas has focused on four areas it believes are key to improving your current state of fitness and those are movement, nutrition, mindset and rest. By collecting that data and using the behaviour science insights from its partners, the app will aim to offer a range of tips and routines it's calling Discoveries.

These Discoveries will range from short term workout routines, clean eating tips and even music designed to help you sleep better. There'll be 13 Discoveries at launch and new ones will be offered monthly to keep things fresh.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new app Adidas' decision to design All Day for women as Stacey Burr, VP and general manager at adidas Digital Sports explained:

"Adidas All Day will initially focus on the female athlete who seeks variety and likes to try new things to challenge and inspire herself to be better every day. With an experience powered by rich scientific insight, the app makes fit living more approachable while still keeping it fun."

We first heard about the All Day app last year when a source told Wareable that it would launch along with a new lifestyle wearable in 2017 that we are told is currently called the Adidas Chameleon. We now have confirmation from our source that the picture below is the wearable in question.

We don't have all the specs info yet but we do know the smart bracelet features an LED matrix to show your stats that's similar to but an improvement on the miCoach Fit Smart. It will also have an optical heart rate monitor which should help with the 'movement' aspect of the All Day app.

The stylish-looking Adidas tracker seems to be aimed squarely at women. It's set to be available in a host of colour customisation options including metallic finishes and rope straps.

Adidas All Day fitness app for women now available to download

Last year, Burr told us that Adidas would not be making a new running watch, although there was no mention of moving entirely away from wearables. A wearable that tracks many of the metrics that the All Day app requires is the missing link here.

Adidas recently made the decision to close down its MiCoach platform in a bid to move users to Runtastic, the fitness app it purchased back in 2015. It also announced that it would be opening up the Runtastic platform to third-party hardware manufacturers.

The All Day app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now. Here's hoping the shiny new Chameleon wearable lands when it Adidas rolls out the app to other countries later this year.

Adidas All Day fitness app for women now available to download

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