Actofit is the latest tracker that wants to help you bulk up in the gym

Meet the wearable that counts your reps, not just your steps
Actofit to help you bulk up in the gym
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Following in the footsteps of Wareable Tech Awards nominee the Atlas Wristband and the GymWatch, Actofit is the latest gym tracker that doesn't just want to be another fitness tracker.

The wrist worn wearable that looks a bit like mash-up of a Garmin and Fitbit tracker packs in a 0.91-inch OLED touchscreen display and uses a 9-axis motion sensor setup (gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer) that combine to track movement in a 3D space.

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Like the Atlas and the GymWatch that means it's able to identify different activities. It'll apparently be able to recognise 75+ gym exercises counting sets and reps as well as evaluating form. It can additionally monitor heart rate continuously thanks to the built-in optical sensor as well as estimate velocity, force and power.

While it's trying to be more than just another fitness tracker, it will still track steps, sleep and has an auto sport tracking mode, which does include running. It'll also use idle alerts to keep you moving during the day.

All of your workout data is collected and analysed in the Actofit companion app although there's hopes to integrate third party app support as well.

Other smartwatch-esque features include text and call notification support, a smart auto alarm mode, calendar reminders and NFC payments.

There's no details on battery life, but we do know it'll have a 150mAh battery that's rechargeable via USB. There's 8GB of internal memory as well to store data on the device when you leave your phone behind.

Actofit has launched a pre-order campaign on Indiegogo with shipping expected as early as December 2016. There's definitely room for more dedicated gym trackers, because as we've seen so far, no one has really nailed it. Hopefully Actofit will come come a little closer to pulling it off.