How to add Google Assistant to a Fitbit smartwatch

Prefer Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa? Here's how to get it on your Versa or Sense
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When Fitbit announced its Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches back in 2020, it also revealed it was bringing Google Assistant to the wrist for the first time.

That means there's now the option to pick between Google and Amazon's assistants to deal with your everyday queries about checking your stats, finding out about the weather or adding items to your shopping list.

Amazon's Alexa has been well implemented into Fitbit's smartwatches since it debuted on the Versa 2, but if you like the idea of switching things up on the smart assistant front, we show you how to get it set up, what you can do and whether your Fitbit is fit to work with it.

Which Fitbit smartwatches work with Google Assistant?

How to add Google Assistant to a Fitbit smartwatch

To state the slightly obvious, you need to have a Fitbit smartwatch to access Google Assistant. This isn't one for the Charge 4 or the Inspire series fitness trackers.

The smartwatches that currently work with Google Assistant are:

  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Fitbit Sense

Both of these devices have the software support and the microphone needed to make it all work. That means Ionic, Versa and Versa 2 owners miss out on this feature. Though Fitbit has talked about adding support for the Versa 2, which does have that onboard microphone in place.

Unlike a smart speaker, most responses will not be read out to you. They are displayed on screen. For some queries, like news briefings, it will relay those messages via voice from your phone. The microphone will also only turn on and be activated when it's in use.

Fitbit Premium explored

How to set up Google Assistant on a Fitbit

How to add Google Assistant to a Fitbit smartwatch

STEP 1: To get up and running, the first thing to do is grab your phone that's paired to your smartwatch and open up the Fitbit app.

STEP 2: Next, tap the your profile avatar in the top left hand corner and then tap on your paired Fitbit device.

STEP 3: Tap on Voice Assistant and you'll be able to select between using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can only have one assistant available at a time. You do have the option to switch between them and you'll need to come back to this screen to do that.

STEP 4: Tap the Google Assistant option where you'll begin connecting the service. On the next screen, you'll be prompted to connect a Google account. You'll have one already if you use another Google service like Gmail for instance. If you don't have one, you can create one for free. You can do that here.

STEP 5: Once you've signed into your Google account, tap the option to Activate Google Assistant.

STEP 6: On the next screen you can press Activate and you'll be asked if you whether you want to connect Fitbit to your Google Assistant.

STEP 7: You'll be asked it you want Google to have the ability to access all data or sleep data. Your decision here will dictate how and what you can ask the Assistant once it's set up. Tap Allow if you're happy to proceed.

STEP 8: Next you'll have the option to turn on personal results. This means if you ask about a calendar or reminder you've created, the Assistant will be able to relay details about it.

STEP 9: Next, you'll be met with.a screen that tells you Assistant is ready. Once you hit done, you're all set.

How to launch Google Assistant on a Fitbit

When you want to summon Google Assistant, it's not a case of simply saying, 'OK, Google' or Hey Google' to your watch. You'll need to do one of two things.

The first option is to swipe to the app screens where you'll find the Assistant app icon to launch the assistant.

Secondly, you can assign launching Assistant with a long press of the button built into the Versa 3 and Sense. You'll need to press and hold that button to assign Assistant to that action and then after that's done, perform that same action and you'll be able to summon it quicker than the above option.

A key thing to note here is that you need to have your phone nearby and connected to the watch over Bluetooth. The assistant uses your phone to generate the responses on your watch.

Google Assistant commands for Fitbit

How to add Google Assistant to a Fitbit smartwatch

Like the Google Assistant on phones or smart speakers, you can ask the one on your Fitbit a lot of the same things. So you can ask for a quick news briefing, questions about a future sports fixture, set up timers and alarms and take control of your smart home devices. So for example:

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • Set an alarm for 8:00 a.m.
  • What's the temperature outside?
  • Remind me to make dinner at 6:00 p.m.
  • How much protein is in an egg?
  • Launch Deezer (must have app on phone)
  • Launch Spotify (must have app on phone)

If you're looking for specific things to ask it related to your Fitbit activity, there's some useful commands to get to know. These include:

  • Start a run
  • Start yoga
  • Start a workout

(This will work with all 8 workout modes available on compatible Fitbit smartwatches)

  • How did I sleep last night?
  • Show my sleep summary

Like Amazon Alexa on Fitbit's smartwatches, the Google Assistant integration works well, more so than it does on Wear OS smartwatches. Though that will likely change in the future now that Google owns Fitbit. We also expect more Fitbit-centric Google Assistant commands to be added to the future. We'll make sure to add the best ones in here.

What countries support Google Assistant on Fitbit

Another thing you'll need is to be in a country where support for Google Assistant has been enabled. This is how that list looks right now:

North & South America

  • United States (English)
  • Canada (English)
  • Canada (French) (available early 2021)
  • Mexico (Spanish) (available early 2021)
  • Chile (Spanish) (available early 2021)
  • Colombia (Spanish) (available early 2021)
  • Peru (Spanish) (available early 2021)


  • Belgium (French, Dutch) (available early 2021)
  • France (French) (available early 2021)
  • Germany (German) (available early 2021)
  • Ireland (English)
  • Italy (Italian) (available early 2021)
  • Netherlands (Dutch) (available early 2021)
  • Spain (Spanish) (available early 2021)
  • Sweden (Swedish) (available early 2021)
  • Switzerland (French, German, Italian) (available early 2021)
  • United Kingdom (English)


  • India (English)
  • Japan (Japanese) (available early 2021)
  • Singapore (English)

Australia & New Zealand

  • Australia (English)
  • New Zealand (English)

Along with a compatible smartwatch and being in a country where it's supported, you'll need to have a Google account to set things up.

Support is available both for Android and iPhones, so you'll need to have the Google app (for Android) and the Google Assistant app (for iPhone) downloaded to the phone paired to your smartwatch.

These apps need to be running the background to work correctly.

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