Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition guide – smartwatch will land on 19 March

Adidas branded Ionic packs mega running smarts
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When Fitbit announced the Ionic last year, it also announced that it was partnering up with Adidas for a special edition of its brand new smartwatch. And it's now revealed full pricing and release date details for its new device.

The Ionic: Adidas edition will arrive 19 March for . That's a $30 premium in the US, but the same price as the standard Ionic in the UK – go figure. Apple has priced its Nike+ editions of the Apple Watch in-line with the standard models.

Fibit clearly believes there are plenty of extra reasons why runners should plump for the Adidas edition. Read on to find out more.

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Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition: Design

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition guide – smartwatch will land on 19 March

So what's the difference? You're gonna get a custom two-toned breathable sport band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray, with the Ionic itself in a Silver Gray aluminum casing. There's also a custom Adidas watch face that comes in four colors.

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In terms of the casing and technical specs, it's the same equation as the standard Ionic smartwatch. So, that means a 1,000-nit, 348 x 250 display made up of curved glass measuring 1.42 inches. Of course, the three physical buttons, which can also be used to work your way around the device, will also be present.

Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition: Features

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition guide – smartwatch will land on 19 March

The biggest addition is Adidas Train, a new app exclusive to the Adidas edition Ionic. It houses six run-focused workouts designed to improve cardio, strength and flexibility.

The workouts, which are designed by Adidas' performance experts, are meant to complement whatever training regimen you already use.

The workouts include Dynamic Warm Up, which gets your core temperature up; Power Pace, which is to get your body more elastic and efficient; Metabolic, which is to boost your metabolism and speed; Run Activation, to improve hip and core stability; Strong Strides, to improve strength; and Post Run Stretch, which is to ensure proper recovery.

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This isn't anything too drastic, of course, but Fitbit's indications that it will "leverage Adidas' robust performance program expertise" suggests it will offer branded workouts once you delve into the device.

This again puts it head-to-head with the Apple Watch 3 Nike+ edition, which introduced guided workouts via the Nike+ Run Club app.

Other than that, you can expect everything that comes packed into the standard Ionic model: GPS, NFC payments through Fitbit Pay, third-party apps and the promise of four-day-plus battery life.

The smartwatch is also waterproof to 50m, offers notifications and on-device music streaming from Pandora and, as you might expect, all the standard tracking metrics — steps, calories and heart rate tracking and the company's revamped sleep tracking.

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition guide – smartwatch will land on 19 March

Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition: Price & release

The Ionic: Adidas edition will be available on Fitbit's website from 19 March as well as select online retailers, like Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, Best Buy, Kohl's, Macy's and Nordstrom.

The Ionic: Adidas edition will come at the same price as the current Ionic - - with no price bump to pick up the special edition.

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