Fitbit and Microsoft team up to let you follow guided workouts in real time

You can even pair your Fitbit with Microsoft HoloLens
Fitbit Coach is coming to your living room
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Though Fitbit has been slow to bring the full capabilities of its Coach platform to the Ionic, the company has announced its smartwatch and fitness trackers will soon be able to sync with Microsoft's range of devices.

In a move to bring Coach to the likes of Microsoft HoloLens, Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles, users will now be free to follow video routines, guided workouts and other personalised fitness programmes from their home.

Previously, Fitbit Coach could only be accessed on smartphone devices or through a stripped back version on the Fitbit Ionic.

And while you're free to exercise without pairing one of the company's fitness trackers, doing so means your activity is able to sync across in real-time to the PC, TV screen or AR headset. That means the likes of heart rate data can be seen as you work up a sweat.

Of course, the new compatibility will be markedly more popular with Xbox One and Windows 10 users than HoloLens owners, due to the headset still being more focused towards developers and companies and not consumers.

And while that's something we expect to change as AR develops over the coming years, the immediate benefit here is being able to pair your tracker to other devices in your home.

Ideal for anybody who prefers to avoid the gym in favour of living room workouts, this gives Fitbit wearers a neat bit of cross-platforming to help them build up a picture of their daily activity.

Now, if we could just get a more fleshed out version of Coach on our wrist, we'd be able to exercise anywhere.

You could soon be using a Microsoft HoloLens to work out with Fitbit Coach