Android Wear update will make your notifications easier to read

Go get that enhanced glance, people
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If you're the owner of an Android Wear smartwatch and have trouble reading your notifications, a new update coming to the platform could be the answer to your woes.

This isn't a large, over-the-air update designed to radically change how you interact with your Android Wear device, but instead a smaller, incremental change to aid how messages, emails and third-party notifications are displayed on your wrist. As a result, you'll need to make sure your watch is synced with the latest version of the Android Wear app on your phone and let it take care of business — this one won't come directly to the watch like other updates.

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Announced in a blog post, Google notes that Android Wear 2.8 will include "improved notification glanceability with a new layout which shows more of your messages at a glance." The company also states the background has been made darker for better readability.

We haven't had chance to take a look at the new notification layout just yet, with Google indicating that the new look will begin rolling out to Wear devices in the coming days.

There's no details just yet regarding which watches are set to receive the change, we can only assume that all smartwatches packing Wear 2.0 will be in line — no matter if the screen is AMOLED, P-OLED or any other kind of display. If so, it would mean that the grey background currently found across all Wear devices will soon turn black.

Naturally, this isn't the most groundbreaking change to the platform we've seen since Wear 2.0 hit our wrists, but it's little changes like this which can, when added up, make all the difference.


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