Best Fitbit straps and bands to make your wrist more stylish

Liven up your fitness tracker with these alternatives
Best Fitbit straps and bands
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Maybe you've just picked a new Fitbit and fancy jazzing it up a little, or perhaps you want to give your fitness tracker a more stylish look for those nights you're out on the town. Either way, there are plenty of alternative bands and straps out there for you customise with.


While there are numerous designer collaborations to choose from, there's also a range of third party options to help you either subtly don the device or just plain show off.

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The Flex became the first of the Fitbit family to really open the door to personalisation, but that doesn't mean the Blaze, Alta/Alta HR, Charge and Zip ranges have to sit there bereft of personality. So take a look below for the best bands and straps for all flavours and budgets.

Fitbit Alta and Alta HR

Best Fitbit straps and bands

Public School Axis

The fitness giant's latest high-end collaboration comes with Public School, allowing you to rock the whole Fitbit smartwatch vibe before it officially adds one to its ecosystem later this year. The Axis is a hand-polished, stainless steel frame that holds the Alta in the middle to provide a completely fresh look to your tracker. The only downside here is the lofty price.


Tory Burch

This is another designer collaboration for those looking to smarten their wrist, with the Tory Burch collection prime to turn your tracker into a discreet bracelet. There's no price or firm release date just yet, but you can expect options to resemble the ones for the Fitbit Flex when they eventually drop later this year.



We strapped on the Luxe leather band as part of our review, finding it to be both comfy and durable. This receives points for making the fitness tracker look sleek and professional, while also offering a Camel Leather Accessory to suit men.


Public School Braided

Public School is back at it again, but this time to offer you a braided nylon paracord option. There's only a black colour variant currently available, but this gives you a low-key strap to pair your device with.


Fitbit Charge

Best Fitbit straps and bands

Leather band

There's not a whole lot of Charge 2 accessories out there compared to the fashion-forward trackers but you can pick up the leather band from Fitbit in indigo, blush pink or brown. Switch into this one when you've finished your workout, there's no point getting it sweaty or dirty.


Knitted strap

Wearing something tight around your wrist can be a sticking point for some people. Thankfully, there's a knitted alternative out there to provide maximum comfort. In truth, this can be used with pretty much every Fitbit device, but this is a perfect option for those looking to take advantage of the impressive sleep tracking on the Charge 2.


Nylon band

Best Fitbit straps and bands

If you want to mix things up with a more sporty nylon band, MoKo has you covered. This works like a traditional watch strap, with four multicoloured options to choose from. Perfect for when you want to try for a sporty look that's different to the standard band.

$9.99 | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze

Best Fitbit straps and bands to mix up your wrist

Anklet extension

While technically not a band you'll be placing on your wrist, this is a useful Blaze accessory for cyclists or anyone that wants to improve step tracking accuracy. The custom-made strap will let you wear the fitness tracker around your ankle, coming in black, orange, purple, bright blue or grey.


Greatfine protective band

Best Fitbit straps and bands

If you happen to wear your Blaze in a few rough situations, or you're just generally clumsy, this could save your device from picking up bumps and bruises.


The chunky frame provides a lip over the screen, meaning you can lie the watch flat without the display coming into contact with anything. The strap is also shock resistant, so your tracker is more likely to come out of a potential tumble in one piece.

$12.99 | Amazon

Vekzon Milanese strap

Best Fitbit straps and bands

Fitbit does offer its own array of Blaze metal frames, but if you wanted to save some money, there's some decent third party alternatives, like this Apple Watch-esque number. The stainless steel band still gives off that suit-friendly vibe and features a metal buckle to keep the wearable locked in.

$21.99 |Amazon

Fitbit Flex

Best Fitbit straps and bands

Griffin Uptown band

Griffin's Uptown band utilises a double-wrap leather band design to hide away the Fitbit Flex's sensor, with a cutout letting you keep an eye on the display. This stylish piece is available in brown or black shades, with adjustable metal snaps keeping everything in one place.

$17.99, Amazon


If you're looking for a more masculine option to discreetly pack your Flex, picking are fairly slim. For those happy to rock leather wristband with a watch-like fastening, though, the Cognac is a solid option that won't set you back too many pennies.


Griffin Ribbon

Best Fitbit straps and bands

If a plastic wristband just isn't for you, this softer option from Griffin might be more up your street. They're in the style of ribbons and are designed to look like high-end hair ties, coming in a huge range of colours to let you to secure your Fitbit into a pocket at the back.

$14.99, Amazon

Vera Wang

Best Fitbit straps and bands to mix up your wrist

If Fitbit's other collaborative efforts don't cut it for you, there's always Vera Wang on hand to provide an upscale variant. This hinged bangle provides your Fitbit with a simple home, but sometimes less is more.



Best Fitbit straps and bands

If you want to stick with Fitbit's in-house options to keep things classy, this hand-polished bangle is offered in three variants: 22k plating in gold and rose gold, and a stainless steel silver finish. This is a smart alternative for those looking to wear their device every day, but not necessarily for rigorous exercise.



Best Fitbit straps and bands

Hey, maybe you want the same look as Fitbit's own bangle but balk at the price. In which case, this cheaper option could be your best bet. You'll have to sacrifice the expensive plating, but nobody has to know. Just lie.

£9.99 | Amazon

Fitbit Zip

Best Fitbit straps and bands


Just because you're holding on to your Zip clip doesn't mean you can't join the wrist party. Thanks to the folks at WoCase, you can enjoy the best of both worlds while also convincing everyone you've gained secret access to the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch. Maybe.

$12.99, Amazon