Fitbit Blaze's new update gives it those long-awaited Charge 2 features

Cardio, guided breathing and new sleep functions

With the Fitbit Alta HR now out, Fitbit is turning its attention to the Blaze for some much-needed love. The watch has just got an update that brings aboard some familiar features, and a couple of new ones.

Cardio Fitness Level and Guided Breathing, which both debuted on the Charge 2, are now available on the watch through the latest update, which you should see live soon, if not already. Cardio Fitness Levels is a way to see your cardio fitness improving over time and compared to people the same age/gender, based on your VO2 Max.

Guided Breathing meanwhile takes your heart rhythm and then guides you through personalised two- and five-minute breather sessions - the idea being that you're calmer at the end of each one.

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Finally, as we mentioned in our Alta HR review, Sleep Stages is now available for Blaze users too. This uses a combination of motion and heart rate to infer your levels of sleep - light, deep, REM - through the night. Combined with Sleep Insights, also available in the app for all Fitbits that track sleep, you'll get actionable observations of your sleep, guiding you to get better rest.

In our short time spent with the new sleep features, we've found the insights have encouraged us to keep a closer eye on our rest hours by putting the data in a little more context. This is something that Fitbit promises will get better over time, as it learns your patterns and how your activity and sleep levels intertwine.

The Blaze is starting to feel a bit old in the tooth, as we await the arrival of the much-anticipated Fitbit smartwatch. For those of you still enjoying the Charge 2, Fitbit has also released some new perforated straps that you can find on its store.

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  • thefencechild·

    I love the fact that they are adding the charge 2 features to the blaze finally. Seems like something they should have done at first seeing the blaze is the more expensive tracker. 

    Too bad they didn't say anything about a good tracker that is waterproof. I may have to end up leaving fitbit over this.

  • jsherman·

    Sounds great, especially the new features for the blaze, but I wish they would give us more exercise shortcuts for the blaze. 7 is way too limiting.and I agree with the waterproof feature 

    • FitbitFan64·

      While the Company doesn't recommend it, I have been showering with the Charge 2 every day since it was released (well over 6 months ago) and have never had a problem.  I did the same thing with my Charge before upgrading to the Charge 2 and also never had a problem with it.  It's very accurate in all respects and I find it particularly useful for tracking my sleep.  It knows and reminds me (via graph data automatically synced on my phone and MacBook Air) when I woke up to have early morning sex (HR pure pulse technology) or a late night snack! My $3K Tag Hauer divers watch remains in a drawer.

  • FitbitFan64·

    While the company doesn't recommend it, I have been showering with my Fitbit Charge 2 since it was launched (over 6 months ago) and have had no problems.  I also showered with my Fitbit Charge (approx 6 months) before upgrading and also had no problems with it either. It is incredibly useful and accurate, particularly when it come to sleep, steps and heartbeat.  It even reminds me (via automatically bluetooth synched graphical representation on my iPhone and MacBook Air) when I woke up for a late night snack or early morning sex (it shows I'm awake and my HR simultaneously goes through the roof for 10 min)!  

    • FitbitFan64·

      Also my $3,000 Tag Hauer has remained idle in a drawer over the last year.  May have to put my Tag on Ebay because I don't see any use for it going forward.

  • Kj413·

    it's now March and still no word of the update to add the relax app to the Blaze. Have you gotten any new info?

  • Spradio917·


    Can you please try and get an update from Fitbit about what's going on? We're in March and still no Blaze firmware update! 


    • j.stables·

      Hi there, kind of. Should be with us in the next couple of weeks. Was mentioned in our briefing with Fitbit. Will look for more information...

  • HLH·

    When will you add the sleep stages to the BLAZE?  

  • Robdsmi·

    Can we please get more watch faces now that your with Pebble???

  • C1234·

    Since the update my fitbit reads everything I did that day before and isn't syncing properly. I have turned it on and off with the two buttons and even deleted it off my phone and repaired it. Still doesn't work. I have also exchanged it at Best Buy and my new has done the same thing. If I can't get it to work by the end of today I will be returning it for good and going with a Garmin....this is getting ridiculous!

  • AstBer·

    Blaze syncronizing is a pain in the...neck. Tks god is a gift. Save your money