Deal: The Withings Body Cardio can help you manage your weight for less

Lowest price yet for this smart scale

Newegg is currently having a flash sale on the Withings Body Cardio, letting you pick up the smart connected scale for its lowest price yet at just $64.99. Be quick, though, as this flash sale only lasts another two days.

For reference, Amazon is currently selling this model for almost double at $112.95, so it's a certified bargain.

The Withings Body Cardio (formerly the Nokia Body Cardio) does a whole lot more than simply measure your weight. It offers full body composition analysis, using bioimpedance to measure everything from your body fat and water percentage, muscle mass and bone density.

It's worth noting that while Withings has restored the Pulse Wave Velocity feature that was removed while the device was under Nokia's ownership, that's so far only happened in Europe. So you might have to wait to access the function that tracks pressure waves through your circulatory system until it gets the appropriate approval.

Even with that feature missing in action, the Body Cardio is still one of the most feature-packed smart scales out there. Other handy features include a pregnancy and baby mode. All of the measurements are synched with the Health Mate app for iOS and Android.

If you have a Withings fitness tracker this also means you can have all your important metrics in one place. The Health Mate app even works with Amazon Alexa.

This discount will only last another two days at time of writing, so be sure to bag one before it returns to its usual price.

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Deal: The Withings Body Cardio can help you manage your weight for less


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