Leomo's Type-R motion tracker may be exactly what cyclists have been waiting for

Will give you feedback on everything from ideal foot position to pelvic tilt
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Japanese startup Leomo wants to embark on the "next frontier of wearable technology," and that means giving you lots and lots of data on something called motion analysis. Basically, it wants to give you a breakdown of the potential inefficiencies of your body movements during cycling.

The company's debut product is the Type-R, a motion tracker for cyclists and triathletes. However, rather than just be a singular tracker you clip onto your shirt or bike, the Type-R is a system of five trackers connected to each other via Bluetooth. Two sensors are placed on your shoes, two are placed on your knees and the fifth is placed on your lower back. There's also a touchscreen display that mounts to your handlebars, drawing in all the data from the trackers and allowing you to view it in real time.

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The trackers use a combination of three-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers to give you a treasure trove of data, including power, power balance, speed, cadence, foot position, leg angle, pedaling dead spots and pelvic tilt. And yes, it also provides heart rate data.

Leomo says its trackers can pinpoint the locations where pedaling velocities lack smoothness, how much your heel moves up and down while pedaling, how much your heel moves up and down between the 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions and how much your thigh moves up and down while pedaling. It also measures how much a rider's pelvis is tilted upwards.

While the data is doled out in real time, it can also be converted into a graph and saved for future analysis. In fact, you can also save them to the cloud via Wi-Fi and see long-term data about your rides. That data will also be available to you on the go with iOS and Android apps.

Leomo told Wareable that the Type-R is currently being beta tested by professional athletes and their coaches. During the invitation-only beta period, the Type-R will cost $399.99 and will steadily rise in price by $100 every 300 units sold. Once the Type-R is out of beta, it'll retail between $700 and $800. It's set to launch in the US later this summer and the rest of the world later this year.

Leomo says the device currently gets about 6.5 hours of battery life with an L battery and dock charger, but it's still performing battery endurance tests.

The Type-R is currently intended for competitive cyclists, triathletes and their coaches, but Leomo is also aiming to create devices better suited to the needs of runners and swimmers in the future.

Leomo's Type-R motion tracker may be exactly what cyclists have been waiting for

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