Author: Rhian Drinkwater

Rhian is a freelance writer and editor who’s been working in tech journalism for 14 years. She’s been the sub editor for Wareable since its launch, and is a keen runner who can’t help but start analysing her data before she’s even taken off her shoes.

Since getting the running bug, Rhian has tested a wide range of running watches and fitness devices for Wareable – focusing not only on running smarts that make a difference, but also how wearable devices are designed with women in mind.

Previously a production editor at Future Publishing, Rhian is a freelance editor, writer and sub editor who works across science-fiction/fantasy; computing/technology; and crafts. Regular gigs include book and DVD reviews for SFX, as well as providing production cover for SFX and Total Film, and sub-editing for Wareable and The Ambient.