​Ora-X is a pair of smart headphones and AR glasses in one

Think Google Glass on a gaming headset
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Would Google Glass have been more successful if it had been incorporated into a pair of over-sized headphones? Probably not. But that's the vision behind Ora-X, an unlikely blend of headphones, smartglasses and Android computing.

Far from your average set of cans, the Ora-X runs Android Lollipop, making it essentially a head-mounted tablet. You can listen to music via the 50mm drivers, but also pull down a screen for augmented reality fun times.

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The screen offers a 22-degree FOV, and the company claims it's the equivalent of looking at a 70-inch display from 15-feet away. With a 120Hz refresh rate it should be clearer than Google Glass' horrible display, and from there you can use apps and watch YouTube videos, using an input on the right-hand headphone to control what you see on screen.

The Ora-X boasts a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of flash storage and a 2,000mAh battery, which puts it at the low end of the current Android smartphone spectrum.

There's also an accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor on board, and Ora X's makers claim it's great for fitness – despite it being the equivalent of hitting the gym wearing a Turtle Beach gaming headset.

If the Ora-X has tickled your fancy for AR then it's launched on Indiegogo. The company is looking for $150,000 and $349 gets you a headset.


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