​Meta 2 AR headset guns for HoloLens

Biggest field of view makes Meta 2 an augmented reality powerhouse
​Meta 2 AR headset guns for HoloLens
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Smart headset maker Meta has returned with an update to its 2013 Kickstarter-backed augmented reality headset, which takes aims at the Microsoft HoloLens.

Looking pretty visually similar to Microsoft's still in development headset, the Meta 2 blends the real world with virtual elements, and claims to offer a larger FOV (90 degree) than any AR headset to date. That's three times bigger than the original Meta headset, and in line with other augmented reality experiences, including HoloLen's narrow field of view (rumoured to be around 15-20 degrees) that's been demonstrated in its teaser videos.

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Boasting a 2560 x 1440 display the Meta 2's biggest trick it the promise to enable users to 'touch' and interact with virtual objects, using a 720p front facing camera and an array of sensors for positional tracking.

Being able to manipulate virtual objects has been something of a Holy Grail, only truly realised by Microsoft, which aims to let HoloLens users manipulate holograms with "gestures, gaze and voice."

However, unlike HoloLens, which Microsoft says will work away from the mains and untethered for 2-3 hours, the Meta 2 is linked with a 9-foot cable that provides a video feed, data and power.

It's a pretty compelling AR experience, but like HoloLens, it doesn't come cheap. The Development Kit costs $949 and won't ship until Q3 2016.