Jawbone sees spike in step activity thanks to Pokémon Go

The popular AR game may be a bigger fitness deal than expected

The augmented reality Pokémon Go game is taking the world by storm, one step at a time - literally.

According to data researched by Jawbone, UP owners who have mentioned the Go game in the fitness tracker's leaderboards saw a huge surge in steps since the game was released in full.

More specifically, the steps logged totaled about 8,375 more than normal and happened on 9-10 July 9 a few days after the launch of the augmented reality game on 6 July.

Users apparently logged in 62.5% more steps than usual and while the data isn't entirely an accurate representation since it's gleaned only from mentions, it's still clear from social media that the game is a powerful motivator.

Pokémon Go has certainly caused its fair share of controversy with the questionable lure tactic but it is getting people out and about much more than other incentives from the past.

It's safe to say, the game is sure to stick around after all, the Pokemon Go Plus wearable has already sold out.

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