Got a good HoloLens app idea? Let Microsoft know...

Share Your Idea will turn AR dreams into AR reality
Got a good HoloLens app idea?

If you've got a good idea for a Microsoft HoloLens AR experience you could see it created by the software giant.

That's the premise of Share Your Idea - a platform just launched by Microsoft which will see one effort made in house by the Redmond designers, devs and artists.

Microsoft is looking for "viable" ideas, which we think rules out any time-travel related app idea. But you don't need to be a coder to win the competition. If your app is selected you'll sit in on weekly development meetings and Q&A sessions, but Microsoft's boffins will carry out the technical gubbins for you.

Microsoft will choose the three top options from all the ideas submitted and the winner will be decided following a Twitter vote. There's not a big pot of gold waiting for the winner though - Microsoft plans on open sourcing the code afterwards so other devs can use it as a base for their creations.

The HoloLens headset is an exciting piece of hardware and the clearest evidence yet that Microsoft is taking wearable tech seriously. It won't come cheap though - the Development Edition will launch in 2016 with a price-tag of $3,000.

If you have an idea you want to submit, you have until 11 January to send it over.


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