Walkie Talkie eavesdropping bug fixed as feature returns to the Apple Watch

The app was pulled earlier this month due to the vulnerability
Walkie Talkie is back on the Apple Watch
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Apple has brought the Walkie Talkie app back to the Apple Watch, after it disabled the feature earlier this month owing to a security vulnerability.

Just a few weeks ago, a vulnerability in Walkie Talkie was discovered that could let users listen in on another person's iPhone without their consent. Apple said the feature hadn't been exploited but it nonetheless pulled Walkie Talkie so it could work on a fix.

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Apple's watchOS 5.3, the latest software update for the Watch, brings Walkie Talkie back into action with the vulnerability all patched up.

Walkie Talkie lets Apple Watch users send short voice messages to one another, Watch-to-Watch. It's a simpler way to communicate than sending a text, scribble or voice transcription.

The bug is the latest security slip-up for the company, which was also forced to fix a FaceTime video bug that allowed users to listen into a recipient's call before they accepted the call.

The new Watch update also expands the smartwatch's EKG feature to Singapore and Canada. If you want to get Walkie Talkie working on your Apple Watch, make sure you check out our guide on how to set up and use the feature.

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