Toms Apple Watch bands will provide light for people in need

Toms the shoe company joins the ranks of (Product)Red Apple Watch straps
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Remember how buying a pair of Toms shoes meant you were giving a pair of shoes away to an impoverished child? Well the company's now doing something similar with the Apple Watch.

Starting 15 November, picking up one of the new Toms Apple Watch Series 2 bands will ensure the company will provide one whole year of solar light to an individual or household in need.

There are two lines of smartwatch bands, the Utility Collection and Artisan Collection. Utility bands are grosgrain fabric, available in six different options and have leather details, Artisan bands are woven fabric with leather backing and four more styles to choose from.

Toms states there's about 1.2 billion people who lack access to safe and reliable electricity and oftentimes people aren't able to access light sources at night. With the new platform, called One-for-One, Toms is hoping to help alleviate the issue by working with Solar Air and Solar Sister.

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The company isn't planning on ending the program soon either and wants to "provide 10,000 years of solar light" as a nod to their 10th anniversary.

There are plenty of Apple Watch straps to choose from but it sounds like you'll be doing some good with this purchase. The idea is similar to what (Product)Red has in partnership with Apple where buying the red Sport band means you're donating to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

The Toms Series 2 bands will cost $49 for the Utility bands and $75 for the Artisan styles (with the diamond designs).


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