Coach is refreshing its Apple Watch band collection for the summer

Sun's out, straps out
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Spring is turning into summer. The season of fresh love and terrible allergies is morphing into a season of hot weather and plenty of days at the beach. Coach is celebrating with a batch of new and refreshed Apple Watch bands, natch.

First spotted by Haute Ecriture, the new bands are a mix of completely new bands and refreshed color schemes for old styles. Don't you dare think that Coach would let you wear last season's colors in the summer - they're better than that.

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The two new bands are the Strap with Heart Applique in "dusty rose", which is like a pastel pink, and Strap in Signature Canvas, which is a khaki color. Both are only available for the 38mm Apple Watch. The Heart Applique is made from a glovetanned leather and detailed with cute little hearts while the Signature Canvas is, well, a coated canvas.

Elsewhere, we've got the more classic Strap in both denim blue and saddle brown. The Strap is an embossed crocodile leather and is available only for the 42mm Watch. The more colorful Strap with Prints now comes in a black while the Strap with Tea Rose comes in a light blue. Both are glovetanned leather and are only available for the 38mm version of the Apple Watch.

It's important to note that the new looks are thus far only for the US. In fact, several of these styles and colors have been ported over from releases already available in other countries.

The regular Strap, Strap in Signature Canvas and Strap with Friends will cost you $150 while the rest will cost $175.

Coach is refreshing its Apple Watch band collection for the summer

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