The best Apple Watch cases to protect against bumps and scrapes

Check out these top Apple Watch cases for added protection
The best Apple Watch cases

You wrap your phone in a protective cover, so why not your smartwatch? Sure, your Apple Watch is a tough bit of kit - especially if you've plumped for the water and dust-resistant Apple Watch Series 2 - but it's not as tough as a concrete floor, the keys and coins knocking around at the bottom of your gym bag, or all manner of things you're likely to bump it on during its life.

With so much cash invested in your new smartwatch then, we're not going to judge if you want to boost its hardy ways. Luckily, there are plenty of Apple Watch case options out there that will beef up your wearable's ruggedness.

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With so many add-ons to choose from, the question quickly transforms from 'should I get an Apple Watch case?' to 'which one?'.

You'll want something that makes your watch tougher, without totally ruining its sleek, curvaceous aesthetic. Fortunately for you, we've picked a crop of the best cases to protect your Apple Watch, which won't make your smartwatch look like a total dog's dinner.

X-Doria Defense Edge 42mm

best apple watch cases

For an Apple Watch case that really is made from metal, it's X-Doria to whom you need to go. This machined aluminium case is to go on top of your machined aluminium watch because, after all, what is metal without more metal on top of it?

It's actually one of the more sleek, refined Apple Watch cases out there, and, once your $30 case is all buggered, it's easy enough to pick it off so that you've still got a nice, pristine Apple Watch to sell on second hand the minute the Apple Watch 3 arrives.

$29.99 ,| Amazon

Supcase Rugged Protection

The best Apple Watch cases for added protection

For those with a need to protect against more than mere scuffs and scratches, this Supcase offering will keep your Watch safe no matter what. Like a number of smartphone cases, it features a dual-layer design, with a polycarbonate hard shell wrapped around a flexible, cushioning TPU inner.

The best bit? There's loads of colours to choose from, great for matching it to your watch face or own personal style.

£13.95 | Amazon

JETech 42mm Apple Watch case

best apple watch cases

Cheap doesn't have to mean crap, as this affordable Apple Watch case proves, keeping your beloved wearable safe from scuffs and scrapes without hurting your wallet. A sleek and slim looking clip on, the JETech uses a plastic thermoplastic polyurethane coating to protect your Apple Watch from the ravages of the outside world.

It comes in blue, black and clear, as well a selection of metallic tones – and at such a bargain basement price, you'll want to snap up multiple colours just so it fits with that day's outfit.

$6.99 | Amazon

Catalyst Rescue Ranger

The best Apple Watch cases for added protection

Not yet upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 2? Then you're going to want to make sure your original model is waterproof. That's what this IP-68 certified case is capable of.

The rough, tough, overside Rescue Ranger is a case and moulded strap in one and is sturdy enough to withstand the biggest of drops. It also makes your phone look like a cool Thunderbirds accessory too, and who's not excited about that?


Spigen Slim Armour

best apple watch cases

The Spigen Slim Armour offers plenty of roided up muscular protection, without looking too grim or garish. A case that will protect your watch from everything from mishap to misadventure, despite its sleek, metallic appeal, it's actually made from rubber - we're not sure whether this visually trickery is good or bad.

Either way, it comes in silver, gold and white colour choices with the idea that no one really knows the difference except you. Fairly chic and mum's the word, eh?


TheSkinDudes Apple Watch Skins

The best Apple Watch cases for added protection

Protecting your Apple Watch doesn't have to involve wrapping it in dull, lifeless rubber or plastic, these vibrant sticker skins will keep it scratch free while adding some eye-catching patterns in the process.

There are dozens of designs to choose from ranging from flowers to flames. The vinyl skins are hardwearing with the air-release material helping prevent those pesky air-bubbles ruining your sleek look.


Luvvitt Clarity

best apple watch cases

Want to keep your Apple Watch looking just the way it did when you first opened the box? The super-clear Luvvitt Clarity case might be the protective cover for you.

This transparent jacket is made of soft, flexible material to absorb the shocks and protect the brushed steel edging of your device from getting scratched and chipped as you slump to the tarmac at the end of your street, forgetting that buying a smartwatch alone isn't going to make you fit. As a bonus, it comes with screen protector bundled in, great for preventing those eye-catching scratches.


Lunatik Epik

best apple watch cases

Originally a Kickstarter-funded idea, Lunatik Epik is an entire rugged system for your Apple Watch, and one of the nicer ones at that. Stripping down the standard model and giving it both a new aluminium alloy casing and a tough rubber strap or metal link version to go with it.

With a shock-absorbing core and enlarged Digital Crown, this one's really designed for those who're intending on taking their Apple Watch skiing or on mountain bike rides and that kind of extreme sports gaff that involves taking gadget-threatening tumbles and wearing big gloves. Or maybe it's just for the serially clumsy and all-thumbed.


ActionProof Bumper

best apple watch cases

A different take on rugged style is the ActionProof Bumper which was crowdfunding success story from Indiegogo this time. The sell is that it gives your Apple Watch super powers. The truth is that it protects it with a nicely designed rubber casing that leaves enough holes here and there such that it doesn't mess with what Ive and the boys have come up with.

You can still get your fingers on the Digital Crown, the microphone isn't covered up and ActionProof has ensured that the optical heart rate sensor still fits flush against your skin. Noble considerations.


Ultimate Shield screen protector

best apple watch cases

If you want to keep things seriously simple, then this is the obvious screen protector for you. It's a bit of a shame to have a layer of invisible plastic between you and that precision-engineered and gloriously over-designed touchscreen with its palate of interaction techniques but, ok, we get it.

It'll stop you accidentally driving a canyon across its face and you'll probably never really notice it, and nor will anyone else. There's billions of brands to choose from. Ultimate Shield will do you just fine.


TwelveSouth Action Sleeve

The best Apple Watch cases for added protection

The Apple Watch is a great fitness accessory. Sometimes though, you don't want it strapped to your wrist while exercising. For those sweat-dodging, wrist-freeing moments, you need TwelveSouth's Action Sleeve.

Like a running band for your phone, it lets you attach your watch to your upper arm while keeping its screen free for progress checking, activity pausing and music fiddling.



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    Looks great.  Do have a question, though.  Can I use the full watch protector and a glass protector screen together and still have the sensitivity to use the watch?

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