WhatsApp is finally coming to Wear OS - here's how to sign up for early access

Beta version lets you view recent chats and reply to messages
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An official WhatsApp app is finally available for Wear OS smartwatches, with the messaging platform releasing a beta ahead of a potential full release. 

While support for WhatsApp was previously limited to notifications, the new app helps deliver a much fuller, untethered experience.       

Once opened, the main screen mimics the phone version, featuring a list of your most recent chats. If you scroll down, you also have the option to load more from your stream, check settings and 'Open on phone'. 

If you open a recent conversation or group chat, you'll be able to view messages, reply using the app's voice message function, dictate messages, or type something out through the keyboard. 

At this stage, the WhatsApp app can also be set up as a complication on a watch face and show the number of unread messages, while a pair of tiles are also available, allowing users to quickly jump into their recent contacts or record a voice message, respectively. 

There doesn't appear to be any option within the app to initiate phone-free calls from the wrist from what we can see, however.

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Once you've joined the beta via the Google Play WhatsApp registration page, it's fairly simple to get started.

Updating WhatsApp on our phone helped kick in a download on our Wear OS watch, and, once the installation was complete, all that's required to access the app is an eight-digit code from the watch to be entered on the corresponding phone.

Of course, at least for now, access will be limited to those who are signed up for WhatsApp's beta program - and there's no telling when a public version might go live. 

As with anything of this nature, though, it's likely the full rollout will begin over the next few months - perhaps in line with the next major Wear OS update.

This is expected to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 later this summer, with the company already teasing some upcoming features of its Wear OS skin, One UI 5 Watch

Until then, stay tuned for more news on this long-awaited integration.

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