New Wear OS tiles land in minor Google update

We're still waiting for Wear OS to catch up
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Wear OS has received another small update, with some new health focussed tiles.

The smartwatch OS that powers TicWatch and Fossil smartwatches (and others brands) now has dedicated tiles for Workouts, Weather and Breathe. These join the Fit tiles for goals, heart rate and Heart Points that were launched earlier this year.

The Workouts tile shows recent data and can show live readouts from a session.

The Breathe tile enables you to start the guided breathwork sessions that already existed on Wear OS, and will show the before and after heart rate.

And the new Weather tile shows high/low temperature, the forecast and some bold iconography that looks pretty smart. However, you don’t get the bi-hourly forecast for the day, so you won’t know if it’s brightening up later.

New Wear OS tiles land in minor Google update

These new additions join a broader Wear OS update that focuses on speed and performance. However, we haven’t seen the large overhaul of the operating system we’ve long been calling for.

However, the pedestrian speed of advancements feels like Google is waiting for the Fitbit acquisition to really start supercharging its OS.

As we wrote back in October, Google and Fitbit are both relying on this deal. Fitbit has stalled a little in terms of Fitbit OS development, while it steams on ahead with its new sensor data, stress, ECG and COVID-19 research.

Likewise Google is starting to make headway with battery performance and the OS. Add in Fitbit’s tracking and things start to look a lot more positive.

But that is pending US government approval – and it’s also under scrutiny in the EU too, despite Google assurances Fitbit data won’t be used for advertising or commercial purposes.

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