Tiles are coming to Wear OS to bring widgets to your smartwatch

Google wants to make it easier (and quicker) to get to your favourite info
Google introduces Tiles for Wear OS
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Google has been refining its Wear OS smartwatch operating system a lot in recent months, and the latest addition is something it's calling Tiles. These Tiles aim help watch owners get to the data they care about faster.

In what sounds a lot like the widgets you can find on Samsung's smartwatches, these new Tiles can be accessed by swiping left from the main watch screen like you can already do to view Google Fit data.

The new Tiles you can choose from are Goals, Next event, Forecast, (weather), Heart rate, Headlines and Timer - all of which can be rearranged simply by touching and holding any Tile on your watch and simply dragging into its new place. Google says it plans to add more of these Tiles in the future to incorporate other information users can quickly glance at.

Tiles for Wear OS will roll out over the coming month with support set to vary depending on what phone, Wear OS smartwatch and country you're based in.

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Google will be showing off the feature at its I/O developer conference, which takes place from 7 May where maybe (we hope) we could see the Pixel Watch, which has been rumoured for a long time.

Google is bringing Tiles to Wear OS smartwatches to give you more glanceable data

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