Google Fit web app is getting ditched as focus shifts to smartwatches and phones

This is definitely good news for Wear OS smartwatch owners
Google Fit web app is shutting down
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Google has decided to shutter the web version of its Google Fit platform to concentrate on improving the experience on Wear OS and Android devices.

Visiting Google Fit from your desktop now displays a big yellow banner at the top of the page that explains all. It reveals that the website will be turned off on 19 March 2019, prompting anyone that wants to continue tracking their health and fitness to download the Fit app for your Android phone or Wear OS smartwatch.

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It's perhaps not all that surprising that Google has done this, especially when you consider that the web version of Fit remained exactly the same despite the platform getting a major revamp in 2018. It was never the slickest of places to view your data and we'd be surprised to find out that a lot of people relied on Fit on a desktop.

Since that Google Fit revamp in August last year, we've seen new features added to the platform including Guided Breathing for smartwatches and the ability to add a Fit widget to your phone's homescreen to help keep a closer eye on those Move Minutes and Heart Points.

With those Google Pixel Watch rumors refusing to go away and the moves Google has made to beef up its smartwatch platform recently, it's actually pleasing to hear that the big G will dedicate more time and resources to improving the Fit experience from the wrist.

Do you rely on Google Fit on the web to check your data? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: 9to5Google