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Pixel Watch investigation: Everything we know, and what it needs to succeed

Google's making a hero smartwatch, but what could it be like?

Wear OS is in a period of transition. Google is working to make its smartwatch operating system smarter, better at fitness and more compatible with iPhones. At the same time, other than Fossil there hasn't been many big-name, feature-packed smartwatches as of late.

There's been murmurs of a new LG smartwatch at some point this year, but Google I/O came and went without a mention. It's time for Google to step up and make a hero smartwatch - and it looks like it might be coming.

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Multiple reports have said Google is prepping a Pixel-branded smartwatch for this year, but what will it look like and what features will it host? That much is still up in the air, but we can certainly start the speculation. Here's what we know so far, and what we're hoping to see.

A smarter smartwatch

Pixel Watch investigation: Everything we know and what it needs to succeed

After Google rebranded Android Wear to Wear OS, two of the goals it outlined for the newly minted operating system this year were to make it smarter and better at health.

Smarter seems like a safe bet, especially as Google has made small moves toward this recently. Google has been on a tear, putting Assistant into as many devices as possible. The critical success of the Pixel line of phones is partly built on how it utilizes Assistant in features like Google Lens, or how AI is used to help take better photos.

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Wareable may get a commission

A smartwatch with a better Google Assistant means a more proactive assistant. Dennis Troper, head of product for Wear OS, told Wareable that Google wants Assistant on Wear OS to anticipate how it can help before a command is issued. Think of this like the Pixel's song identification feature. If there's a song playing in the background, the song and artist will pop up automatically on your homescreen - no need to Shazam it.

You can likely expect a Pixel Watch to show off how helpful Assistant can be on the wrist, setting an example for the rest of the Wear OS partners. It'd be nice if Google could use Assistant, Google Maps and a new health focus to do things like track runs, or recommend running spots or food places or whatever else from your wrist.

More fit on deeper health

Pixel Watch investigation: Everything we know and what it needs to succeed

The other thing Google really wants to improve is how Wear OS handles fitness. Troper says we can expect more on this from the Wear OS team this year, and we're willing to bet a Pixel Watch is where these features will get their big debut.

One of the things Google is working on is proactive coaching, helping with wellbeing and motivating users to stay more active. You can likely expect a Pixel Watch to have at least a heart rate sensor.

Google has a lot of avenues into the world of deeper health, especially with Verily Life Sciences also under the Alphabet umbrella. We saw Google and Nest come closer together to better improve Assistant in the smart home world, perhaps we could see more collaboration between Google and Verily.

Works with iPhone?

Wear OS is called Wear OS because Android Wear was a little confusing. The name made iPhone users feel like Android Wear smartwatches weren't for them, when the opposite was true.

The big question for the Pixel Watch is whether it'll also be compatible with iPhones, or whether it'll come with a range of features that just work better with Android phones. We saw a little of this with the Pixel Buds, which aren't as interesting or useful when you pair them with an iPhone rather than a Google Pixel.

Debuting the new Qualcomm Snapdragon

Pixel Watch investigation: Everything we know and what it needs to succeed

Qualcomm's next-generation smartwatch chip is the first it's built - from the ground up - for smartwatches. There'll be several variations, and many will also include LTE and GPS.

The goal is to better be able to suit the needs of the next generation of smartwatches, and that's what this chip is set to do, with more power, extended battery life, a better fitness experience and chips that allow for slimmer smartwatches.

WinFuture reports that the upcoming Pixel Watch will run on Qualcomm's new chip, so we can likely expect to see the benefits of the new Snapdragon by the end of the year.

Three Pixel Watches?

Pixel Watch investigation: Everything we know and what it needs to succeed

While reliable leaker Evan Blass was the first to report that Google would be launching a Pixel-branded smartwatch alongside other Pixel-branded products at the end of the year, WinFuture followed up with its own report saying that there wouldn't just be one Pixel Watch, there'd be three.

The three smartwatches are codenamed Ling, Triton and Sardine, though it's difficult to know what the differences between the three are. Seeing as how Google debuts two smartphones every year in the Pixel and Pixel XL, it's likely two of the smartwatches are in different sizes, while the third may be more focused on sports and fitness - but that's just our guess.

Alternatively, we could see Google adopt Apple's approach and debut three smartwatches in different styles. Perhaps there's a more affordable one, then one in better materials and a third luxury version.

When will the Pixel Watch launch?

That's the big but not terribly difficult question to answer. Google tends to hold its big Pixel event in October, so we can likely expect the company to do the same this October. While much of the focus will probably focus on the Pixel phones and a second-generation Pixel Buds, you can expect the Pixel Watch to carve out some space for itself.


  • CDockery says:

    It can have all of the aforementioned features, but if it lacks NFC for Google Pay, I'm not buying it. My requirements for a smartwatch include:

    Metal bracelet (or supports interchangeable so I can provide my own).
    Scratch-resistant glass (preferably Sapphire Crystal)
    Strong battery life (16+ hours out in the wild between charges)

    Right now the only Wear OS watches that closely match what I want are the Movado Connect, the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41/45, and *maybe* the Huawei Watch 2 Classic (but the battery life there is suspect ... ), so it would be nice if Google could provide some leadership in this area and provide a sturdy device that hits those points.

  • Brian78675 says:

    For me to be interested it would have to be seeing friendly, at least 5atm. I'm stuck with a Nixon mission right now. Great watch except for corroding charge terminals.

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