Amazfit Pace is an affordable GPS running watch with heart rate tracking

Get one for $129 on pre-order this week

Amazfit's on a roll this year. After releasing the Moonbeam, Equator and Arc fitness trackers, the company is now launching its first watch, the Amazfit Pace. Announced earlier this year at IFA, the team behind Xiaomi's budget trackers is finally ready to dish on the details of its smart running watch.

The Pace is a GPS/GLONASS-enabled running watch that captures distance, time, pace, heart rate and calories. That's alongside running metrics like speed, cadence, altitude, elevation gain, elevation loss and minimum/maximum altitude. Amazfit says you can check all your data through the Strava Run app.

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There's also 2.4GB of onboard media storage allowed so you can store music then sync up the watch wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds for phone-free running. It's compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Amazfit Pace is an affordable GPS running watch with heart rate tracking

For rainy day runs and workouts, the Pace is IP67 water, dust and splash resistant. The ceramic material shows up again here like it did on the Moonbeam and Equator giving the device extra style points along with durability.

It's not just all running features as the Pace is packed with smartwatch features as well. So far, you'll be able to receive notifications from incoming calls, text messages emails and other apps. It's unclear how the notifications will show up on the wrist though.

In terms of battery life, Amazfit says the Pace can last up to 11 days on a single charge or 36 hours with continuous GPS and heart rate tracking turned on.

The Pace is available in black and red and costs a very reasonable $159 (up from 799 Yuan - or $116 - in China). That's Garmin Forerunner 35 and Polar M200 pricing territory. Up to Cyber Monday (28 November) you can get it for a discount pre-order price of $129, with international shipping, and it will hit Amazon on 15 December.

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  • heri·

    Is there a review planned for this? 

    • l.prasuethsut·

      Yep! :)

  • klkchester·

    Just received the Amazfit Pace as a Christmas gift, but I'm extremely doesn't do hardly anything it claims to do: does not sync my runs with Strava (or any other 3rd party fitness tracking app for that matter!!!!), if you work night shift the sleep tracker does not initiate during the day even during long periods of inactivity synonymous with sleeping - actually it instead gives me a vibration telling me I've been inactive for too long, and the ultimate disappointment and entire reason for purchasing the watch was the extended battery life which is not even close to on par with the multiple weeks it emphasizes but rather about 2 days time with average daily activity and workouts using GPS and heart rate monitoring.  Will be returning this or selling it on Ebay ASAP :/

  • Soli_Prime·

    Got the Amazfit Pace for Christmas and the always on backlight function is a total failure. When you set the Pace to always on, the backlight goes off after a few seconds then you have to lower your arm and raise it again to turn on the backlight, which it's hit or miss or either press the side button. When running intervals or repeats in the early morning before sunrise I want the backlight to stay on for a quick glance at my pace or time remaining. I have already put the Pace back in the box and will be returning it. It is not a running watch for the serious runner, I will stay with my Garmin 910.

  • Spikedogg1·

    Horrible software. This watch does not pair with any fitness apps. The software is buggy, and you can only get the data for the current day on your watch. The phone app is very rudimentary and of no real use. It is obvious they wanted to ship this for the holidays and threw the app together as quickly as possible to ship the hardware.

    My steps show up from the day prior and do not reset. The only real use for this watch is to listen to Bluetooth music while I work out. I wear it on my right wrist so I can wear my Garmin Fenix 3 on my left wrist because the Garmin can track my workout and send it to Map My Run, Garmin Connect, Stava, and other apps I use to track my weekly and monthly totals. I was hopeful this would replace the Garmin for short runs and the gym workout, but unfortunately it cannot.

    I would skip this watch until they integrate their software to pair with third party apps and build a robust app for the watch that tracks daily, monthly, yearly data on each workout rather than the anemic current app that literally does and tracks nothing.

    Real world example of why this watch is flawed.

    I am currently running each day to finish the UA You vs. The Year Challenge, but unfortunately this watch will not pair with any UA Map My "Run, Fitness, Bike" Apps, so the watch will not work to complete the challenge. Literally all fitness products including weight scales communicate with these apps - but this watch does not.

    Lastly, music starts over each time you pair with headphones. You get to listen to the same 15 sins each time you big unless you skip the songs manually one by one.

  • nICK5·