Thync's new wearable is mind bending

The first consumer wearable that enables you to shift mental states goes on sale
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Thync, the mind-altering wearable, has gone live - promising to shift the mental states of wearers in minutes.

The company, which raised $13m in venture capital at the end of last year, claims its new device can alter your thoughts using a process called neurosignalling, to make what it calls, "a safe, effective, aesthetically designed lifestyle device that anyone can use".

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The objective is the gadget answer to a energy drink, of which sales have reached record levels across the world. Instead of reaching for a Red Bull, the idea is that you strap on Thync to give yourself a neurological jolt.

"Our mission at Thync is to unlimit people. Thync brings together the latest advances in neuroscience and engineering so you can access your own abilities to be calm or more energetic," said Isy Goldwasser, CEO and co-founder of Thync. "Our product will help many people improve and enjoy their life more."

The device works in parallel with the Thync Vibes app; you simply strap the device on and let science take care of the rest.

Thync states the result is similar to a shot of an espresso or a glass of wine with the benefits lasting several hours.

Thync's new wearable is mind bending

Unlocking your potential

Wareable spoke to Goldwasser earlier this year and he told us "the focus of Thync isn't on changing people, it's about giving them access to what they already have."

"At the most basic level it began with the belief that if we have great people, we will find the pathways and network that we will tap into that will lead to benefits, to improve people's lives," he explained.

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Thync is a lifestyle device rather than a medical one and, as such, is exempt from FDA regulations. However, the company claims the device has been independently tested and maintains compliance with international safety standards and consumer product guidelines.

Thync can be purchased now, from for $299.

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