Vote for our SXSW 2016 talk 'Beyond screens: future interactions in wearables'

Our editors discuss what comes after the screen - haptics, touch, gesture and voice
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PCs, laptops and smartphones have all relied on screens but the next shift in human-machine interaction needs a fresh take on inputs and outputs.

As regular Wareable readers will know, we've sent our editors and writers to date with smartglasses on, party in smart jewellery pieces, chat to their home security systems and pay for breakfast with contactless payment bands.

It's all in the name of discovering which interactions enhance our lives and satisfy our motivations and which cause social awkwardness or frustration.

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Our senior editor James Stables and contributing editor Sophie Charara have prepared a talk for SXSWInteractive 2016, discussing precisely this - what comes after the screen?

How are wearable tech manufacturers deciding between display and non-display interactions? Who is getting haptics/touch/voice/gesture right? What new rules of etiquette do we need?

And we need your votes to get us on the SXSWInteractive schedule.

We will explore how tech can disappear and how context can mislead your AI, ways to fuel the imagination once you take away displays and why allowing robots to guide human learning with haptics doesn't have to be scary.

We've published the first online reviews of forward thinking devices such as the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart watch and Altruis modular jewellery as well as covering wearables like the Moov tracker and Moto Hint in depth.

Now we're looking at new ways that we can talk to our wearables and our wearables can talk to us. Screens - on smartphones in particular - will always have their place. But we don't need to spend 12 hours a day staring at them.

Our heads can face forward instead of looking down. We can exercise our imagination muscles. Use gadgets that look just as pretty as our clothes and homes. And chat to AI assistants rather than prodding glass.

South By does wearable tech

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From the looks of the submissions, SXSWInteractive 2016 is shaping up to include some terrific wearable tech discussions with speakers from Wearable Experiments, Fjord, Fitbit, Nike and Narrative in the running.

Head to SXSW's Panel Picker to vote for Wareable's Beyond screens: future interactions in wearables talk - you have to sign in but it takes approximately 80 seconds. Honest. Search using the title of the talk and then select it by clicking the thumbs up sign. Easy.

Voting is open until 4 September and the results are announced on 19 October once SXSW's organisers have had their say. SXSWInteractive takes place in Austin, Texas from 11 - 15 March 2016.

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Sophie was Wareable's associate editor. She joined the team from Stuff magazine where she was an in-house reviewer. For three and a half years, she tested every smartphone, tablet, and robot vacuum that mattered. 

A fan of thoughtful design, innovative apps, and that Spike Jonze film, she is currently wondering how many fitness tracker reviews it will take to get her fit. Current bet: 19.

Sophie has also written for a host of sites, including Metro, the Evening Standard, the Times, the Telegraph, Little White Lies, the Press Association and the Debrief.

She now works for Wired.

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