Supersapiens Energy Band brings glucose tracking to athlete's wrists

Connects to glucose patches for real time data
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Glucose tracking company Supersapiens has launched its own wearable – the Supersapians Energy Band Version Zero.

The band can display glucose levels in the blood in real-time, by connecting to the Abbott's biosensor that's had the heart of the Supersapiens product..

For the uninitiated, Supersapiens is a connected skin patch that can read glucose levels from interstitial fluid.

Its glucose sport biosensor wearable device is very similar to the Libre 2 that sits underneath the skin, and uses NFC to transmit data to the companion app.

It’s powered by the Abbott Libre Sense sensor, but the Supersapians service is designed for endurance athletes to better understand fuelling for training and competition, rather than for medical purposes. The Energy Band connects to the Libre Sense sensor, to give easy-to-read real time insights.

The idea is to better understand how well fuelled you are for training and competition – and the Energy Band adds a real-time component, which will be of interest to endurance athletes concerned about in-race nutrition.

Supersapiens works using a subscription that starts at €150 for 2 sensors and 10 patches. A complete set of patches for a marathon training program costs €700 – so this is a serious investment for performance athletes. And at €159 on top, this is another large investment for people wanting glucose insights.

While Garmin devices can show glucose levels from the sensor, a smartphone is required as a bridge. The Energy Band is a direct bridge, so you can leave your phone at home.

It's water-resistant to 50 metres as well, which will be music to the ears of triathletes.

The Energy Band itself is pretty no-nonsense and simplistic, with an 8-color memory in pixel LCD display, which at least makes data easy to read while you sweat.

It has an always on display, and can be clipped onto handlebars, as well as worn on the wrist.

The Supersapiens Energy Band is available for sale at for €159.

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