Polar now plays nice with Nike+ Run Club

If you don't want to go with the Flow, you now have another alternative
Polar now plays nice with Nike+ Run Club
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After recently adding GoPro Hero 5 and Stryd support for its V800 sports watch, Polar is turning its attention to what you can do with your data by adding Nike+ Run Club support for its Flow smartphone and web apps.

That means you can now connect the two services together and move data recorded on your Polar watch into Nike's running app. It's compatible with all leading watches including the Polar M200, M430, the Android Wear-running M600, M400 and V800.

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To get the two working together you'll need to jump into your Polar Flow account, head into the settings and look for the Nike+ link to connect the two apps. The addition of Nike+ support means it joins the likes of Strava, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit among the services that Flow is now compatible with.

Polar has been pretty busy recently rolling out new features to its collection of wearables including being one of the first to roll out Android Wear 2.0 to its M600 smartwatch while adding new swim tracking features alongside the Wear update. It's also launched its new M430 running watch that aims to improve optical heart rate monitoring and its Polar A370 fitness tracker marked the debut of its new Sleep Plus intelligent sleep system.

Like its big long-running rival Garmin, it's clear that Polar is ramping up support for all of its wearables whether it's older devices like the V800 or its latest batch of GPS running watches.

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