Oura launches Pregnancy Insights feature

Women's health tracking on Oura turns up another notch
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Oura has launched a new Pregnancy Insights feature for its smart ring, which offers data and analysis specifically for expectant moms.

Pregnancy Insights will track the gestational age of the baby (how many weeks) and offer advice on the changes that occur in the mother’s physiology – from spikes in resting heart rate to changes in sleep patterns.

Users can turn on Pregnancy Insights within the Oura app. In the new Women’s Health Settings section, you can opt-in after tagging a Positive Pregnancy test.

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There are tons of apps out there that will provide general information on the changes and stages of pregnancy – such as the fruit size of your baby – but Oura can link this to your vital signs. It’s not only interesting, it’s educational too. And it can help alleviate anxiety about changing biometrics too.

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It’s part of a colossal move into women’s health for the Oura Ring Gen 3, which has done more to further women-specific insights than any other wearable tech company.

It follows newly revamped Cycle Insights, and contraception/family planning features in partnership with Natural Cycles.

Oura has also partnered with Glow for stress and sleep insights for women.

We’ve also seen Oura launch research and patents into menopause analysis and detection features, which we’ve reported on here at Wareable.

Likewise, we also uncovered a patent that looked at Oura's plans for the detection of post-natal mental health conditions as well.

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