Movano Evie edges closer to launch as it hits the FDA

Movano looks for clearance for heart rate and SpO2
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The Movano Evie smart ring is moving ever closer to launch, and the company has now submitted data to the FDA for certification.

The Movano Evie is a female-focussed smart ring, which looks at a wide range of health metrics – all tracked and analyzed through the lens of women’s health.

We’ve spoken to Movano and its CEO John Mastrototaro numerous times throughout the production of Evie – and he’s always been clear that the company would seek FDA approval for all its features.

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"We think women have been grossly underserved by the wearable market today. We feel like a lot of the products look like they were designed initially for men," he told Wareable.

“Over the next you know, three to five years, I expect six to ten different measures, that are all part of the one product, that are all FDA cleared,” he continued.

The company has submitted the heart rate and SpO2 tracking features to the FDA for initial clearance.

This is above and beyond most wearables and would be a huge statement about the basic accuracy of the Evie ring. Movano claims that its ring is accurate to within 1bpm between 40-240 bpm, and within 2% for SpO2 monitoring.

Getting FDA clearance would also pave the way for the Evie ring, or versions of it, to be used in clinical settings and for remote patient monitoring.

The company is putting a big focus on the potential for Evie to be used in professional healthcare and sees that as a huge commercial opportunity. As such, the company isn’t charging a subscription fee for its consumer services.

Oura, the major smart ring player, has a mandatory subscription of $5.99/£4.99 a month. So Evie has a huge advantage in enticing customers away from Oura.

Evie was estimated to launch this September and provided that these features don’t get stuck at the FDA, that looks odds on.

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