Huawei Fit beefs up its swimming mode for your summertime pool dips

And now you're ready for the summer
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The Huawei Fit is getting its swimming trunks on. It's put on some sunscreen, exclusively on its nose, and it's ready to dive into the pool. While it already had swimming tracking, Huawei is improving the fitness watch's swimming capabilities for the summer.

The Fit will now auto-recognize your swim style. So if you're more into freestyle swimming rather than, say, the butterfly stroke, your Fit will know. It'll record it in the companion app. It'll also record your laps and other swimming statistics, like total distance, calories, time and average stroke rate. As you can probably guess, recognizing your swim style is helpful toward recording your stroke rate.

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But that's not all. The Fit and its companion app will also attempt to improve your swimming efficiency via a statistic that swimmers know and love. It'll calculate your SWOLF score, which is the number of swim strokes per pool length plus the time it took to swim that length, and its goal is to measure your efficiency as a swimmer. Improve your SWOLF score, improve your swimming efficiency.

We mostly liked the Fit when we reviewed it earlier this year, but we were disappointed by its sports tracking options. It was clearly focused on running, despite not having GPS and showing a limited amount of data on the watch itself. Beefing up its swimming functionality for the summer is a nice step in the right direction.

Huawei Fit beefs up its swimming mode for your summertime pool dips

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