Best in Show: Our IFA 2023 top wearable tech picks

What impressed us most at the big Berlin tech expo
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We've finished sweeping the exhibitor halls in Berlin and we've seen everything that IFA 2023 had to offer for smartwatch lovers.

And there's been a lot to check out. The likes of Honor, Withings and Amazfit all have new watches launching over the coming months, vying for a place on your wrist.

We've rounded up the Best in Show that caught our eye out at IFA 2023. 

Read on for our top picks...


Withings ScanWatch 2

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A follow up to the original ScanWatch and hot on the heels of the ScanWatch Horizon, the new Withings ScanWatch 2 boasts a continuous body temperature variation tracking feature, via its TempTech24/7 wavelength PPG module.

By tracking your baseline day and night temperature fluctuations, the idea is that you will be alerted to anything untoward and could therefore get a heads up if you are about to get ill or have a health condition you're not yet aware of. 

It also features an impressive 30 day battery life and offers an array of health tracking aside from the new temp tech including heart rate monitoring, ECG measurements and sleep tracking.

We can't wait to put it through its paces.

Amazfit Balance

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Health is also front and center of the Amazfit Balance, which boasts features designed to assess important mental recovery indicators.

The new Readiness feature gives you a score each morning that can help you to understand how specific sleep indicators can affect your mental and physical condition.

This score, combined with clinical psychologist powered Readiness Insights, means that you're effectively walking round with someone checking on your mental wellbeing on your wrist. 

Honor Watch 4

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Yes, we're well aware of the aesthetic license of Honor's latest smartwatch but, with a price-point of just £129.99, the Watch 4 is an intriguing proposition.

With a 14-day battery life, on-device calls and a bright 1.75-inch 60Hz AMOLED display, the Honor Watch 4 packs plenty of punches for that sub-£130 cost.

We'll reserve judgement until we've fully tested it but the Honor Watch 4 looks like a serious budget smartwatch contender. 

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