And finally: Apple's health-tracking AirPods and more

The latest wearable tech news murmurs and blips
And finally: Apple's health AirPods

Phew, on the heels of SXSW this week has been heavy on the Android Wear news. Montblanc unveiled the Summit, which will vie for the luxury Android Wear crown with Tag Heuer's Connected Modular 45, also announced this week.

Outside of smartwatches, Google and Levi's Project Jacquard got a release date and price, Google's Home smart speaker started playing ads and Visa debuted a pair of payment-enabled sunglasses.

So what else has been going on this week? We've picked out some smaller wearable tidbits you should check out too.

Apple working on health-tracking AirPods

And finally: Apple's health-tracking AirPods and more

Are you ready for some more Apple patent news!? This week the Cupertino company published three patents, spotted by AppleInsider, detailing "Earbuds with biometric sensing."

While the patent drawings make them look like giant hearing aids, the underlying technology would allow Apple to make a true hearable that could detect your heartbeat, temperature, stress and blood oxygen levels via various sensors embedded in the device.

Philips gets romantic with candle bulbs

And finally: Apple's health-tracking AirPods gets patents

Philips has released enough Hue light bulbs to cover a whole range of situations, and this week it announced E14 candle light bulbs for one more: romantic evenings.

The company said its customers have requested the candle light bulb more than any other type of bulb, and that its release will mean Hue can be used in more than 80% of light sockets commonly used in homes around the world.

Both the white ambience and color ambience candle light bulbs will be available by the end of April in Europe and by the end of the year in North America. The white ambience will cost $29.95while the color ambience will cost $49.95.

Samsung's next 360-degree cam spotted

And finally: Apple's health-tracking AirPods and more

Samsung's adorable Gear 360 camera is one of the best 360-cams you can own, and a new FCC filing found by Upload VR has revealed our first look at what could be its follow-up.

The new 360-degree camera drops the tiny tripod for a more handheld-friendly design. Samsung's got its Unpacked event coming in the next two weeks, and we should get out first look at it there.

iLuv's new hub-less HomeKit smart light

And finally: Apple's health-tracking AirPods get more patents

If you're big on Apple's HomeKit you've likely been waiting for the opportunity to purchase a smart bulb that doesn't require a hub to work. Luckily for you, iLuv has just launched one.

It's called the Rainbow8, it pairs over Wi-Fi, and you can group multiple bulbs together so that you can control them all at once. And oh, its LED display a whole lot of different colors.

Alexa gets a skull-faced makeover

A robotics hobbyist who loves decorating for Halloween once got a 3-axis moving skull for Christmas, and he soon began looking for interesting and strange ways to use it. One day he figured he could use RaspberryPi and AlexaPi to turn the skull into the creepiest, and most awesome, Alexa ever.


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