And finally: Apple already market leader as it sells 2.3m smartwatches

A round-up of the less credible wearable news of the week
And finally: Apple shifts 2.3m watches

And Finally is our weekly round-up of the news and events of the week that we deemed not to be credible enough for a sport on our coveted news feed. At Wareable we like to keep reporting of wearable tech news limited to nailed-on facts, but every Sunday, we love to indulge the rumour mill.

Read on for the conjecture, rumblings and downright nonsense that happened this week.

Apple shifts 2.3m watches in first week

If the Apple Watch shipping delays are anything to go by, it would seem that the Cupertino company's first wearable has been an unmitigated success. Yet has it been a case of insane demand, or that Apple's been conservative with its supply?

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New figures from esteemed analysts KGI Securities estimate that Apple has managed to shift 2.3m watches since it was released for pre-order on 10 April. Ming-Chi Kuo, who penned the report, also guessed that 85% of orders were for the Apple Watch Sport, with the main Apple Watch accounting for nearly 15%.

The report echoes other analysts, who supposed that Apple sold 1.25m watches by the first weekend. And if these figures are even remotely accurate, it would mean that Apple has become an immediate leader in the smartwatch market, before its product is even released. Kudos.

LG's ridiculous wearable smartphone

LG has filed a patent for a bendy wearable smartphone, that can flex around the wrist. Using new screen tech, the giant smart bangle would be worn around the arm and then opened up flat in order to be used, like a sort of arm mounted flip-phone. And quite frankly, we hope the idea goes the way of the flip-phone, as it looks positively hideous.

Apple Pay coming to Canada

Apple is bringing its Apple Pay wearable payments service to Canada this fall, making it the first country to get the service outside of the US. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has been in talks with six Canadian bands, to enable customers to pay via their iPhones and Apple Watches. The only sticking point – says the WSJ – is that the banks are baulking at the fees demanded by Apple, which could mean roll-out for the rest of the world could be some way off.

Vuzix patents reveal new eyewear ideas

Smartglasses manufacturer Vuzix has registered two new patents, which could reveal the direction of future wearable products. It's expanded its portfolio of IP, to safeguard technology for the "control and manipulation of 3D objects" and "light management in see-through displays".

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Being able to manipulate 3D objects via augmented reality sounds very much like the Microsoft Hololens project, and would be a big leap forward for Vuzix, which was recently semi-acquired by Intel, when the silicon giant bought a $25m stake in the company.

9% of Americans will own a smartwatch

A new study has claimed that 9% of Americans will own a smartwatch by the end of 2016. The NPD Group has released a bunch of projections which shows enormous growth in smartwatch adoption, as the sales of fitness trackers plateau throughout the year, as connected watches change from a "nice to have" to a "need to have" device.


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