Oculus Rift and Touch bundle is now on sale for $399

Temporary price slash could put it in the sights of new users
Oculus Rift bundle just got more affordable
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Gaining access to the world of VR just got easier, with the Oculus Rift and Touch bundle receiving a hefty price drop.

It comes just months after the Facebook-owned company permanently slashed $200 off the previous mark for the pair, which meant those in the market for a VR headset could pick up the package for $598. From today for a limited time, though, the bundle will sit at just $399.

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The move forms part of Oculus' Summer of Rift event, in which it's set to offer discounts across the board on games and launch a slew of new titles. According to the company, users can also look forward to plenty more announcements between now and its Oculus Connect 4 developer conference this October.

And while the move puts the Oculus in line with PlayStation VR from a price perspective, it's important to note that it's still only operable through the power of a solid gaming PC running things in the background. Also, the price drop will only hit the bundle, not individual prices, meaning the Touch controllers will still be $99 to pick up.

For the six-week duration of the price drop, this would seemingly open the Rift up to a potential new base, though. While the world of high end VR headsets was once a distant dream or serious wallet-burning acquisition away, this temporary price makes the decision between the platform's major players a little more complex.

The question now becomes whether Oculus' main rival, HTC, look to level up the playing field and offer a reduction of their own.

Oculus Rift and Touch bundle on sale for $399