The next Oculus Rift could feature advanced eye-tracking technology

Oculus confirms acquisition of eye-tracking startup
Oculus is interested in tracking your eyes

Oculus has confirmed it's snapped up a startup, The Eye Tribe, which builds eye-tracking technology for computers and smartphones.

The move hints the Facebook-owned company is interested in the tech for future headsets, and that's no real surprise; it's predicted to be one of the next big leaps for the medium.

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One thing The Eye Tribe has worked on is foveated rendering, where VR performance is improved by only fully rendering graphics in places that you're looking directly at.

If that sounds familiar, it's because the Fove headset, which we took for a spin earlier this year, is already doing it. Oculus could particularly benefit from this technology with Santa Cruz, its standalone headset, which will require more on-board power.

Eye-tracking technology could also help Oculus's avatars come alive, as it continues to enhance the Rift's social experiences, not to mention all the opportunities for game developers it will bring.

Oculus has confirmed buying The Eye Tribe, but is keeping schtum on the details. It's easy to speculate what Oculus is going to do with its latest purchase, of course, but there's no guarantee of when we'll see it come to fruition.

Source: TechCrunch

The next Oculus Rift could have eye-tracking tech


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