TomTom: We were flattered by Apple Watch Series 2

Company has future plans for its Bandit action cam - but not smartwatches
TomTom 'flattered' by new Apple Watch

In the last three years TomTom has made a big push beyond sat navs and into the world of fitness with sports watches, an action camera, and now an activity tracker to boot.

Which is why it's no surprise TomTom co-founder Corinne Vigreux was keeping a close eye on Apple's press conference this week, telling Wareable she was "flattered" by Apple's decision to focus so heavily on fitness in the Apple Watch Series 2.

"It's interesting to see Apple thinks the same thing as us," said Vigreux, who saw similarities with TomTom's first watch, the Runner. "In the keynote Apple made a big thing about how you can run without your phone, I think a lot of it is similar to our first product.

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"So there was a bit of flattery there. We're thinking in the same way as far as this market is concerned. They are also a lot more expensive, so that reassures me as well."

Vigreux highlighted the Apple Watch Nike+ as a particularly interesting collaboration. "Nike has been struggling with hardware, that's been one of the issues they've had. Sports technology will help the world of sport and I think that collaboration is not completely unexpected. Tim Cook sits on the Nike board, so that kind of makes sense."

And while Vigreux promised that smartphone notifications are still heading to its sports watches (despite being promised long ago), she also said that TomTom has no interest in making a proper smartwatch.

"There's a lot of people there, I don't think we can add value. I want to do something that's unique and where we can add value. Our core customer is a fitness person.

"We find that if you compromise too much you end up with something that doesn't do anything right. Battery life is very important for this type of product, and I think that is the type of choices we make."

I spy a Bandit

We also asked whether we'll see another iteration of the Bandit, TomTom's GPS action camera, which launched last year.

"Yes, when we see the moment is right, we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline," said Vigreux, but acknowledged that it's a difficult category to tackle right now.

"I think this market is at a difficult time. If you follow the GoPro results you can see it's not a walk in the park." And why is that? "I think one of the problems is that people would buy them, but not use the footage or do much with the data," said Vigreux.

"I think one of the issues is that editing and uploading and sharing was not intuitive enough to go mass market, and I think that's the reason we've seen a decrease. I still believe it's one of the most complex and best products we've ever done."

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