Form's second-gen swimming goggles feature heart rate tracking and an AR compass

The Smart Swim 2 boast a reduced design and improved fit
Form form smart swim 2
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Smart swimming goggles pioneer Form has unveiled its long-awaited second-gen model, adding integrated heart rate monitoring, AR compass projections, and improving the fit. 

It's been five years since the Vancouver startup released the Form Smart Swim 1 - still one of our favorite wearables for the pool, and a device that earned a 4.5/5 star review upon launch - with the follow-up adding plenty of features from our wish list.

The built-in heart rate monitoring negates the need for additional wearables (though integration with the Apple Watch and Garmin watches remains), and Form's internal tests suggest the accuracy can match up pretty closely to a chest strap.

We'll be showing our own findings in our full Smart Swim 2 review (coming soon), but the company indicates that these latest goggles exhibit an average deviation of +/- 4 BPM compared to the chest strap, whereas a typical wrist-based optical heart rate monitor showed a variance of +/- 10 BPM.

As you would expect, these HR stats are also shown in the user's field of view, providing real-time feedback on zones and more. 

It's only one of the key upgrades here, though, with the company's new SwimStraight tech also providing a big boost for those who love open-water swimming or triathlons. Essentially, this provides in-goggle directional tracking, allowing swimmers to adjust their path and improve efficiency.

Formform smart swim 2 compass

For those who didn't love the fit of the original Form goggles, the design has also been updated for the second generation.

Form says there's been a 15% size reduction of the sensor array - which includes the accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer - with the eye seals also redesigned to fit a wider range of faces. 

There are now five nose bridge options to ensure you find a secure and comfortable fit, too.

The latest Form HeadCoach features are also a big part of the Smart Swim 2. This allows swimmers to view real-time and post-session info relating to their technique and skill development, with the company's algorithms able to help generate personalized workouts, as well.

The Smart Swim 2 is available now from Form for $249 / £229.00 / €249.00, with each purchase including a free trial of the Form Premium tier, which includes access to training plans, workouts, and more.

As we say, we've been in the pool testing these out, so keep an eye out for our full review soon.

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