Shift band shaves seconds off your sports watch glances and clicks

A new accessory to hit that viewing and prodding sweet spot
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This silicone rubber smartwatch band wraps around your wrist and thumb. That's it, it's really that simple.

Actually Shift does something Apple and Samsung have missed. It moves the placement of the smartwatch to let you see the screen without tipping your wrist. Co-founders Andrew Green and James Gilmore built the band around placing a smartwatch or running watch in a viewing angle for both glancing at fitness stats and reaching to interact with buttons and touchscreens. They also claim it's quicker to get on and off than regular straps.

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The $24.99 watch band, which EdgeGear is launching on Kickstarter on 29 October, is designed for runners and cyclists who own say, Garmin and Suunto watches or an Apple Watch.

"James and I are longtime friends, co-workers and avid runners and cyclists," Green told Wareable. "The idea came to us during a run to work – our usual means of commuting. We agreed that fitness and smartwatches should be in what we call the 'Sweet Spot' – the place on the hand that provides optimal viewing and interaction. That vision kicked off a two-year design, 3D print, test, learn, iterate and repeat process that resulted in the launch of EdgeGear Shift."

Shift band shaves seconds off your sports watch glances and clicks

"Sports watches will get smaller and lighter as technology presses forward," he continued. "If manufacturers listen to the voice of consumers they will cut gram by gram out of athletes' gear for training and racing. We want to make it easier for athletes, because efficiency is key. Two hours into a run, you want to know your pace or cadence, but you want to spend minimal energy on it."

Shift is compatible with any spring pin connected watch, the full list of compatible devices is here but it includes Pebble watches, the Gear S2, "many" Garmin watches including the popular Forerunner and Fenix ranges and a bunch of Android Wear watches. Obviously depending on the size and weight of each watch, the comfort of Shift would vary.

It's waterproof and the rubber and die-cast zinc band is adjustable with three loop sizes to choose from, around 40 - 50% lighter than regular wrist straps and the design also reduces sweating during running or cycling (unlike the likes of certain Apple Watch bands).

Though we don't have an exact shipping date yet, the team states that the accessory will ship "just in time for your Christmas run". The EdgeGear website states a March 2016 shipping date for pre-orders and the final retail price will be $40.

Would you wear Shift when out training? Let us know in the comments.

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