Oakley Airwave gets Recon update with resort maps and improved battery

OS 4 is also coming to the Smith Optics I/O Recon, Zeal Transcend and G3 GPS

In our Oakley Airwave 1.5 review, we said the smart ski goggles were a work in progress, specifically that Oakley needed more features to be on to a winner. Progress is here in the form of Recon Instruments' fresh update to the Snow 2 tech that powers these Oakleys and other heads up displays.

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OS 4 can be downloaded now from the Recon website and includes improved battery life as well as a simplified way of connecting and reconnecting your smartphone to the Airwave 1.5 goggles.

With its Quick Nav feature, you now get 'full control over music' and what Recon calls 'seamless' delivery of phone and text notifications. We'll be testing these changes out very soon in order to update our Oakley Airwave 1.5 review - one commenter stevep suggests Recon might be going backwards.

There's also now 750 ski resort maps which will come in handy if you love the Buddy Tracking feature which lets you track the position of any mates also wearing Airwave goggles.

The Oakley Airwave is the headline device that's getting this update but it's also available for the Smith Optics I/O Recon, Zeal Transcend and G3 GPS, rival smart snow goggles with Recon tech inside.

Recon and Oakley also have fresh competition in the form of both the Forcite Alpine smart ski helmet and RideON's "true AR experience" with its ski goggles which is fundraising on Indiegogo now.


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  • stevep·

    When you write ,"With its Quick Nav feature, you now get full control over music (rather than just switching tracks as before) and what Recon calls 'seamless' delivery of phone and text notifications.", you prove that you just repete what Recon already wrote. Have you tried the goggles before OS4? Or have you tried it at all? Before OS4 whe could control our native music player database, change artist song playlist shuffle.Now we can only change one song at a time AND we have to start the music on the phone first. As for the SMS, there were canned responses that we could use to reply using only the remote. That is gone too we now have to use the phone, we can only see the message. Please do your homework before you publish something. No offense

    • s.charara·

      Steve, sorry for the mix up. I based this article on our Airwave review, a device I didn't test myself, and Recon's press release. I'll amend the story and you'll be glad to know we're getting another pair of Airwave goggles in to test the new features and update that review with our findings. 

  • aaron16880·

    so cool smart ski goggles, I like so much