Wellograph Wellness Watch beats Apple to the sapphire crystal glass punch

Fitness tracking smartwatch goes on sale ahead of murmured iWatch launch
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The Wellograph Wellness Watch has gone on sale, packing a sapphire crystal glass screen - the same material that Apple is rumoured to be building into the next iPhone iterations as well as the much anticipated iWatch.

The Wellness Watch looks every inch a Pebble Steel-rivalling smartwatch with its 1.26-inch low-power LCD integrated backlight display and its premium design and build. As well as the sapphire crystal, Wellograph has also used machined stainless steel with a mirror polish finish for the upper case and a matte finish, nickel-free anodized aluminum for the lower case - which should be skin friendly.

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There brown leather strap comes as standard, you can also opt for a black leather one or a black nato strap.

In terms of smart features it's the usual mix of activity tracking and, as per the Samsung Gear range, there is also a optical heart rate monitor on offer too. Wellograph is stating that as well as steps and calories, the activity aspects also stretch to the Wellness Watch having running features - although there's no GPS onboard so we wouldn't expect a great deal of distance accuracy; it relies on its 9-axis accelerometer.

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The Wellness Watch boats a week-long battery life and has enough storage for four months of activity recording without the need for smartphone syncing. However, when it comes to pairing up with your mobile you'll find iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps available. When you are out of juice, you can make use of the rotating charging dock.

The Wellograph Wellness Watch's toughness spreads beyond that luxe screen, it's also water resistant up to 50 meters.

Costing $350, you can order direct from the manufacturer now. Yes, that's pretty pricey - it's $101 more than the Pebble Steel - but the construction quality isn't to be sniffed at and, if you want to get one-up on your Apple fanboy friends, the Wellograph Wellness Watch is possibly your best bet for now.

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