Time2Translate smartwatch brings real-time translation to the wrist

Android-powered smartwatch lets you group chat in nine different languages
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Real-time translation wearables have landed with the likes of the Bragi Dash Pro, Google's Pixel Buds and now Waverly Labs' Pilot now shipping to backers.

Australian startup Lingmo also joined the party last year when it launched its smart earpiece powered by IBM Watson. Apparently, not everyone was a fan of translating from the ear, so the startup decided to launch a smartwatch with translation powers, as well.

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The Time2Translate smartwatch runs on Android (not Android Wear) with a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, a 2-megpixel camera, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and a 350mAh battery serving up 4-5 hours of translation time or 13-15 hours in standby mode. A speaker and microphone is on board to do the translating, and it also offers Nano SIM support to give users that standalone smartwatch experience. Dual band frequency means you can use it anywhere in the world, too.

Translation is once again powered by IBM Watson and Lingmo's own hardware covering English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese. Lingmo claims it can translate these nine languages with an 85% accuracy.

In addition of real-time translation, Lingmo is introducing a new piece of software called Talk2U that promises to translate voice messages in real-time in nine different languages. There's also support for up to 1,000 users to talk in a group chat across those same nine languages.

The Time2Translate is available in two models. The first is a Lifestyle model, which comes with a black frame and black silicon strap and costs $699. If you want the more luxury option, the Executive features a black stainless steel frame and a leather wrist band and is priced at $899.

If you like the idea of the Time2Translate, it's available to order now from the Lingmo website and will start shipping in April 2018.

Source: Business Insider

Time2Translate smartwatch brings real-time translation to the wrist

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